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Oasis Split Up Song #1

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oasis split up song #1

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Not really rock

I don't think I've ever heard an Oasis track like that one before - no pathetic Mancunian whine, for starters. With the way that you've put this track together, I think that you decided to actually make it the way it was and then add a name that was vaguely topical for the track.

Decent sounds, but it does sound a little messy when you bring in the guitars, as they sound poorly recorded or played at the wrong volume for my liking. It's a decent beat and rhythm, but then it lacks that spark to take it further and give enjoyment to the masses.

[Review Request Club]

Sawdust responds:

Yeah, actually I made this like months ago and I made it while my internet was out, so I only got around to submitting it now that I have reason to submit it: Oasis broke up and I haven't reached 100 submissions yet ;)

Also, the guitars were just at a setting I don't normally use, and I couldn't really play with the EQing or else I could disrupt the bass and all.

Thanks for the feedback!

Kind of strange...

I'm not really a fan of this kind of music, but still, this isn't too bad...

The melodies felt a little strange. The guitar melody you did towards the end at about 3:12 was great, but apart from that, the melodies need to be a little catchier. The instruments were a little strange too, including that guitar in the background which sounded a lot like static. The guitar you used at 3:12 on the other hand was quite good. Still, when I saw the title, I was expecting different instruments that have to do with an oasis.

The transitions were OK, but I was looking for some effects like sweeps and reverse cymbals to move from one melody to another. The intro felt a little abrupt too, so maybe if you fade it in a little, or start it with a bit of a buildup, it could sound better. The ending wasn't bad, with the fade, and it fit OK with this song, but something a little more special than that would help. I don't really see what the others mean by repetitive; this isn't massively repetitive, but a few key changes and tempo changes, maybe some buildups and parts in the song that stand out more than other parts could make it more enjoyable to listen to.

The drum samples were pretty good, but the drums were what really were repetitive, and seemed randomly placed in the song, plus they were too quiet. They would sound better with some transitions and drum rolls in some parts in the song, and maybe some more samples, and percussive hits and more variety.

Overall, it seems you did work quite hard on this, and some parts in the song sound fine, but this needs some work here and there.
5/5 and 5 bombed a little because of harsh 0-bombing. Honestly, your songs get so 0-bombed O_o.

-Review Request Club-

Sawdust responds:

Well, I just used chords for the static guitar in the background, which probably made it sounds like that. And as for the catchy melody thing, it's probably because I wanted to stick to a chord formula for this. The melody at the end was really a "stick out."

Yeah, I didn't actually work too much on transitions, I just built the song like a building, which probably gave it a feeling of smoothness and such.

Thanks, well appreciated, glad to see you actually take notice to my work!

Nothing to do with Oasis whatsoever.

There was nothing here that sounded remotely like Oasis, in my opinion...Just sounded like your average generic rock song..

Some vocals would have been added a bit more to it, really...At the moment it's just too repetitive and boring..That said, possibly because it was so repetitive, it was actually quite relaxing..

I usually don't like songs just fading out, but in this case, it kinda worked...

[Review Request Club]

Sawdust responds:

Yeah, it doesn't have anything to do with Oasis. I just felt obliged to submit this since they've gone officially kaput now.

And about the vocals, if someone can sing for this then fine. I won't bother adding vocals to this, I'm a terrible singer.

Sounds like Oasis

Yeah, I never was a big fan of Oasis, but the guitars here sound a bit like Oasis in my opinion. The only thing missing here are some vocals. They would also take away a bit from the "repititiveness" that other reviewers have already written about.

{ Review Request Club }

Sawdust responds:

Thanks, your advice and critique is well appreciated!


Score: 8 / 10
Summary: Repetitive
Review: Not a bad track, but the fact that it feels really repetitive really pulls the score down.

True, the song does change a lot, but it steel feels really repetitive. Maybe because of the drums, which seem to never change, that I can hear, and the song is so long that it's really easy to hear that it's repetitive. You can easily cut a lot of this song.

I liked the guitar, that was pretty well-done. The sound was still pretty boring, but it sounded experimental, relaxing, sort of ambient.

Not a good outro, and an okay, but short, intro. Fading out is baaaad.

-=Review Request Club=-

Sawdust responds:

Alright, I'll probably remove the fade then, and give the outro a very abrasive revision.

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Aug 30, 2009
10:58 AM EDT
General Rock
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