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-Jazzy Song-

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Author Comments

So first I try Dance, then Hip-Hop and now Jazz. This only uses one hell of a good soundfont for all of the instruments, and it's my first attempt at proper Jazz. I'd really appreciate some feedback or helpful tips on this, telling me if I got all the instruments right for Jazz (especially those drums, I'm not sure if they should fit for Jazz), and if I've got the melodies and tempo right. Oh, and I need a name too :P. Thanks for listening!


Yup, not jazz yet by a long shot but there's nothing wrong about trying to expands horizons a bit. Some of the influences are there like a shuffle rhythm and a walking bassline, you just kinda didn't know enough to do a good execution of it I guess.

Step responds:

Man, I used to think "if it has a sax, it's jazz". Horrible mentality. The melody here isn't even remotely jazzy :(.

The conga beat isn't bad though.

I don't listen to much jazz....

So I can't really say anything about the instruments or anything..... lol. Just like all your other songs, it's great.

Step responds:

Well, I'm surprised it's great since I made it ages ago. I don't listen to much Jazz either which is why it could have come out better.

Anyway, thanks again for another review!

hardly jazz i'd say

there's nothing "wrong" about your instruments (other than they sound fairly GM standard...but I applaud the conga percussion usage!) , melodic ideas, or tempo haha :P. it's mainly your overall approach to the composition. for one, there isnt much of a swing feel (if you use FL, set your quantization you never change keys, ideas are a little bit too repetitive and underdeveloped for jazz. For example, to give this a more jazzy feel, I'd write a chord progression for a organ or piano, one that incorporates chords of 2 or more keys. and then with the sax melody modulate to the new key make sure to hit the newly introduced tones, and use the bass to emphasize the new tonal centers. Also, I'd use less of just minor and major melodies (and the pentatonic patterns where a good touch in here), but use modes instead, Dorian, Mixolydian, and Lydian scalic approaches would be a great start. Superimposing blues tones and passing tones gives your melodies more color too.

That was pretentious of me, apologies -_-. If you have no clue what I am talking about google Musical modes for a start. maybe for modern jazz it could classify as jazz however. but genre aside, I still give the song a 6, for an aforementioned reason low quality sounds (try using multiple soundfonts, google specific instruments. theres more realistic sounding sondfount equivalents over the ones you used in this track for FREE), un-connecting, sporadic drums (conga rhythms are nice, but the drumkit parts dont flow well, you seem to stop and start the ride rhythms awkwardly, and the constant quarter note kick pattern in the start doesnt sound too well in context of the piece :P) and lack of chords...'cause you didnt have a single chord in here :P

Keep it up for sure though! I try to be completely honest in my reviews, so I apologize for being harsh. and I probably used to many parentheses too. 5/10 and 5/5.

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Step responds:

Ahh, a review from the best audio reviewer on NG, thanks XD. Don't worry about being harsh, I'd much prefer a 5/10 review as long as yours than a 10/10 one-liner. It's my first attempt at jazz, and after it exit the front page without a review, I was sad that it didn't have any reviews and didn't know what to work on in Jazz and if I was doing it right, but thanks to yours, now I can start. I'm usually pretty good when it comes to percussion (although I'm bad at everything else...), so I'm glad you liked the congas. I see what you mean by swing feel, maybe it's the alternate melody I used here which had more of a swing to it, but the main melody consisted only of quavers and crotchets. When I learn a bit more music theory, I could try and do the chord progression of changing to different keys as you explained. So, I'll try and look for better quality instruments, add chords, give a shot at the musical modes you mentioned and work on those kicks and rides (which I completely agree that they aren't in context, but since I never heard professional Jazz before, I thought they would fit). Thanks for the great review, when I get better in music theory, I'll surely make another Jazz song using your awesome suggestions. Keep up the harsh work :P.

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4.34 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2009
6:29 PM EDT
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