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Garden Of Moonlight

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Author Comments

Damn, honestly, and no offense to anyone but when I made this, the first thing I thought was "I shat a classical piece!" XD Maybe it's because there are so much less instruments and melodies to make compared to "my genre", at least in this specific piece. I am not saying orchestrations and symphonies are simple; they are MUCH harder than ANYTHING I do. ^^;

Anyway, on to the actual song. I was feeling non-metal-creation-ey after (hopefully) the initial reception on my most recent song, Maelstorm. And so I thought of making a classical piece out of the blue that concentrates on utilizing the harp. And whoa, I did not expect I'd end up with something like this XD

I simply thought of a moonlit garden and the soundtrack that would go with it to make this. I must say I like the result :)

The thumbnail is an artwork by the title of "Moonlit Garden" (haha, kinda obvious I Google'd for a thumbnail XD) by Anthony Casay:


You can find more information about this song, as well as alternate download links here:


Nice and relaxing

I loved it, it reminds me of the tale of princess kaguya, the moon goddess or something, my grandma used to tell me this story and this fits perfectly!
9/10 5/5

rtnario responds:

I am not familiar with the tale, but it sounds intriguing. Thanks!

Quite the unique artist you are!

I've been listening to most of your songs for a long time now, you to seem a liking to the classical/orchestrated designs and yet the rebelious touch of the heart-pounding heavy metal. I believe that you could really pull off a very well done orchestrated score piece with incredible depth and harmonic, symphonic tones that sway the public's emotions. You know a song that creates/tells a story, each interpretation unique in its own way.

This song is an example of emotional scoring, a song that begins to tell a story unlike anyother with its very own purpose. It does feel like a calm night, with the fullmoon overhead, hanging up there nice and bright in the clear midnight skies. A cool breeze sweeping the garden, letting all of the aromas flow throughout the garden and plains beyond. It's very well done and I ask you to add to this song, by embellishing the piece with much more strings and maybe incorparate a flute or horn. This has a lot of potential to go even farther than one might think, for it's the artist to decide when his masterpiece is completed.

I've been on newgrounds for quite sometime and listened to many composers and score writers. I recommend you listens to Danman87 (Denny Schneidermesser), Soulus Lunes, and Milkman Dan, these are just a few composers whom I believe may inspire you to create some more great music. Anyways, excellent work on the this song I look foward to what yet has to come from you.

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rtnario responds:

For one, you sure are correct with your description about what I like. I'm a metalhead, no doubt, but yes, I am very much interested in classical/orchestrated designs and of course I love the fusion of both!

I see, never thought that I'd ever consider one of my random classical pieces as emotional scoring...see, I actually make things like these on a whim, when I'm not up to going back and making something loud. But it doesn't mean I don't give my all into making sure the melodies are special and give more emotion and feel than most of my metal video game remixes. The ability to do that in these designs is what makes me all the more curious with an interest completely different from my interest in metal.

As to adding to the piece, yes, who knows? Maybe someday I'll turn this into something even more grand way in the future, but as it stands it's pretty great for me and it's something I consider to be one of the best classical pieces I've ever written, ever. I'll keep that suggestion in mind for things to come!

And yeah, I've been pretty inactive around Newgrounds thanks to being busy in real life, but I'll make some time to find some inspiration for myself and my classical side :) Thank you!


I'm sorry, I laughed at the ending. So simple, yet such a "classical" feeling of unoriginality xD

I know you must struggle making something peaceful and classic, especially because you like making metal mixes. All that being considered, this is definitely a good "peace". That play on words about sums it up. Some of the flute's notes sound like attacks. Also, some of the blending just doesn't seem right haha. This is great for a metal artist's attempt at a classic song, but somebody like Chronamut who does classic pieces all the time has a more comfortable feel to it. After all, he's used FL for like seven years now, maybe eight, and classic (if you ask me) is his specialty. I don't really have much in depth of this except for that it could use slightly better blending for the melodies, and some slightly less strong attacks with the wind instrument (flute?).

rtnario responds:

I wouldn't take offense to it at all, considering that even from a not-exactly-classical musician, I know that it's a tried and true unoriginal tradition, as you so mentioned appropriately :D

Yeah, I do. But sometimes it's the other way around, really. I make too much metal that I get tired and want to make something different, and when I'm given no choice but to go classical (right now while my CPU is broken), I get tired and want to make metal. Anyways, damn, I was about to toss a rock at you for the wordplay, but apparently you meant it seriously XD Actually, if you check my personal blog you're missing more than half my current discography :D But the point of mentioning that is to show that I have more classical outbursts than I make it seem!

Funny how you mention Chronamut whom some years ago I knew for making a Spark Mandrill remix when I was checking around for people who have remixed that song already. But I haven't checked his most recent works, which I assume by your description should be an example for how I should try adjusting my view on classical music composition more. Guess I'll be checking him out!

And yeah, guess it could, since the whole mix is still one that's...made for...metal...and I didn't adjust attacks XD Thanks for the review!

Wonderful and inspiring

I have to agree with PsychoticBambi, I instantly pictured an RPG in my inner eye.

Our hero in front of the castle at night, in the "Garden of Moonlight".

But I guess it's not limited to this, just my first thought.

Harp music in general makes me think of medieval times, knights and princesses.

Congratulations, as you can see in the reviews, your song is very inspiring.

Audio Portal is such a great place!

rtnario responds:

Yeah. I thought of something similar too, except it's no hero in front of a castle, but just any protagonist strolling in an open garden by moonlight, deep in thought. Ta-da, song! This was actually directly inspired a lot by a harp piece Yasunori Mitsuda composed for the DS game Soma Bringer. He's a genius. *_*

Thanks for the review, and yes, the Audio Portal is indeed awesome. :D

Absolutely Beautiful

I can seriously imagine this in an RPG ^.^
It seems to hold so much sadness in it.. Make me want to paint =3

Truly Beautiful, keep up the good work ^.^

rtnario responds:

I imagine it in a visual novel of sorts XD I wonder what painting you'd end up though, painting to this...


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4.10 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2009
11:49 AM EDT
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