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Hardcore, thats right

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This is my newest project. Hope you like it. I will respond to every review :)

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I absolutely loved this song

It's got aa laid back feel to it, but not to great degree. just enough so that you can listen to it while you're doing something, or while your just sitting around.

the only thing i really have to say is you could have used "that's right" a little bit more. the clip seemed a bit frail being used only twice. is frail the right word? i dunno... i hope you get what i'm saying though :p


That sidechaining was very crisp in the beginning but lost its crispyness after :30. I didnt like the detune arp @ :10. the kick was badly distorted and needs better eq. i'd suggest compressing the kick aswell. the leades needed serious mixing and mastering because you were clipping like hell @ 4:03. the overall concept and structure was good, but the progression was lacking. The bass also seemed a tad bit hollow, try adding more "MMFF" to it. The high hat sounded old and rattly.. if i were you'd i'd add some serious EQing to it, I'd put Fruity Parapmeter, and then put all the scrolly thingys up to the top, for best results. Now the main melo was exelent exept for the distortion on it. I'd suggest getting Sytrus, its bassically the best VST for dance, trance, clown music, and classical. I really like what you did here tho. The arp at the end with the reverb kick could use more.. reverb.. also, this didnt sound 1 bit like envy so eh... good creativity tho.. but you were clipping in several spots, try lowering the overall volume of the track down about .055653% that should solve it. The BPM seemed to be a tad bit slow, and would probably be better @ 140BPM, since thats the one F777, and ENV use. That being said, make sure you dont clip at that high of a BPM, and dont over use the bassline either. But that kick, could use better EQing along with reverb to make it sound depper, and less distorted. Than being said, you seemed to overuse arp leads a bit to much. try going to a more convetional lead, like B0UNC3 or ENV. But remember to EQ well, and not to clip alot, that causes distortion and makes the song sound bad. but overall it was nice, besides the hallow sounding High hat. and the structure seemed a bit lacking, good job :) Even tho it didnt totalyl sound like ENV. Try maybe making it sound happyier, by increasing the pitch, and bpm to around 140BPM, like BassHunter. That being said good track. :)

DeejayDeeZ responds:

There is no detune arp at 0:10.
The song does not last to 4:03.
There is no change at 0:30.

This review is also against newgrounds guidelines. If you write something positive about a song you can't vote 0.

I wrote 1 review, now your going insane. Please grow up.


it aint hardcore but it was alright

DeejayDeeZ responds:

Its "UK Hardcore"
Not my fault that you don't know the generes...

Yeah this is good stuff for sure!

The beats kind of kill the main melody for a little while but it still sounds amazing lol, Great job! I like the sound at 1:22! its pretty cool! then 1:50 the melody there is AWESOME! I just keep getting excited more and more until it hits the beat again at 2:15, I was like, oh yeah!
Great job!

DeejayDeeZ responds:

Awesome. You liked the most of it + the build up pretty much ;)

Thanks, noting your really complainting about, so thanks alot for your 10.

-Deejay DeeZ


its perfect 10/10

DeejayDeeZ responds:

Hahaha. No, its not. But thanks alot :)

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Aug 28, 2009
4:34 PM EDT
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