Far Away From You

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I pretty much finished it. Probably tweak it a bit based on feed back and whatnot...

Dimoria's tune here: http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/262778 He kicks ass check out all his musaks.


Lie Down
Next to me
I wake up Next to you

Taking you places I want you to see
Breathing the lift that you've "taken" from me

So Far away
Leaving with the breath of hate
That you gave to me
So Far away
Leaving with the breath of hate
That you gave to me

Wait Now
Don't follow me
I will escape your hold

Leave behind places that we've never been
Never seen clearly the answer is here

So Far away
Leaving with the breath of hate
That you gave to me
So Far away
Leaving with the breath of hate
That you gave to me

Walking through time, let me be
I feel it aching all through me
Let this be our last time
When you set your eyes upon mine

So Far away
Leaving with the breath of hate
That you gave to me

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Love it

Im honestly not a big fan of the singing.. but hell years of listening to metal ive learned to block out singing anyway so fuck what I said... The chorus singing isnt to bad..

But holy shit I love pretty pianos and low ass fucking beefy in your face guitar sounds.. theres just something there that makes me want to nut everywhere.. I guess its the difference in the sounds... Classical beautfiul piano Vs. Thrashed out balls guitar.. but blended sound amazing..

Great job with this one buddy

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Haha, fucking sorry for the late reply on this, dude. Didn't see it at all. :(

Thanks for the kick ass review. I was the same about metal too. But dude, I was around when Metallica formed. Now they are old washed out fucks. So it has been pretty hard for me to accept certain things over the years.

Haha, glad you dig it overall.

its sickedly wick man

great chorus and i love the backup screaming pretty sic sick prague metal style the only bone to pick realy is that the singer sounds like hes singing through his nose a bit other than that kickass song man

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks dude. I consciously try not to sing through my nose. I'm gettin there. :D Thanks again.

So Far Away...

A void gorging on a rapidly deteriourating soul. Bleeding eyes staring scars into a fleeing hope. A darkness that consumes the vision that lead into a dimly swaying future, broken by the off-balance that is life. In this mistrust of oneself, in the midst of that inner battle, will we find a love that bridges this yawning gap? You cannot truly love another if you leave, hating your own self, unrecognized.

This song really inspired my game in so many ways. =) The vocals and lyricks are so powerful accompanied by the top notch instrumental composition. When I first heard this, and even now, a line of goosebumps travels up my arms because of the sheer emotion it elicits.

And it remains my favourite, both from you and from Dimoria. You guys are killer when your works are put together, in a good way. Please collab more often with Dimoria.

- Jophie

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks very much man. Those are awesome words.
There are a couple of unfinished dimoria instrumentals that I've been hiding, that I definitely need to complete. I love working with his music, this style.

Thanks again. I'm super glad I could and will help\m/

Can't believe I hadn't reviewed this

Dude, you amaze me with this song, you just display your awesome vocal talents so friggin well in this one. I had to take a singing course to even be able to reach what you've got here. Awesome brother.

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Holy crap dude! I haven't seen you in ages. How's shit going?
Thanks for stoppin by, man! Glad to see ya.\m/


The piano notes at the beginning needed veloity variety imo - instead of all nbeing sort of at the same velocity and then delayed - give it more dimension!

I could have also done without the high pitched growling not long after that but imo I feel it takes away from the main voice and kind of cheapens it - the low growling at the end was fine though.
also the whole mixdown felt a little.. soft? Almost as if you took a bit of punch out of it - it feels smooth and all but a little too mixed down imo - some of the rawness is gone :) - and the volume has been lowered below.. standard volume so that I had to turn it up to get that same feeling- esay on the compression ;)

your voice is kind of getting lost back there too - you need to bring it out so that it takes more of a center stage instead of - this is how it sounds - it sounds like there is piano ambiance all around - which is good - guitarists on both side - which is fine - but then it sounds like the percussion is in the same stereo range as the guitars - when it should either be right behind them - or closer up and more well defined - atm its being drowned out - and then it sounds like YOU are standing BEHIND everything so that all your instrumentals are actually hindering people's abilitiy to hear your voice.

2:35 actually sounds better - the highly reverbed in the background chorus is a nice touch :)

it's a great song though - and nicely polished - however - there will always be things to improve - you've come a long way my friend but you still have a ways to go! ^^

like a homemade birthday cake its beautiful but some of the designs aren't quite perfect - keep up the good work and keep pumping out those tunes dude!

I hate to ruin your streak with a 9 but I would kinda be cheapening my own voting system if I gave a 10 - although it's close to a ten ;)

the elven ears hath spoken!


Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks dudeface~!
Nothing I can do about the music. ;) as that is dimoria's. It could be a lot of personal preference in your normal listened genre, though. I wonder about your settings for listening, as I'm positive I mixed the vocals as far forward and centered as possible. :p If your eq settings on your output are turned on to a high bass yield, then that could be why the vocals faded to the back. I use the classic "V" setting, but not overbearing on the bass end. ;D

That aside, glad for the review, as It was what I wanted to hear. :D Gives me a goal to achieve. haha. And will achieve with a very cool upcoming surprise. Thanks Shawn, you rule.

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Aug 27, 2009
10:58 PM EDT
Heavy Metal
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