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I was trying to make something that had that distant jazz sound like in that game Full Pipe (track 18). Instead I ended up doing the thoughtless, spontaneous stuff again.


I really liked this one.

I read your kind review on one of my songs and I thought I would return the favour if you had anything worth reviewing. This song id the first one of yours I have heard, and I have to say, at first I was just about the hit the return button because this is definetly not very inviting. However, I did decide to give you another chance, and I then ended up listening to it tree times over. Very artsy, VERY weird. But it grows on you in a weird way. At the same time, and this is what puzzels me (in the good way) is that I still get increddible enoyed at the song while listening to it. Thanks for the surprice :) Now I have to listen to some of your other stuff..

ragnampiza responds:

Hahaha wow thank you! I'm glad you liked this. I guess a number of people below described it as atmospheric etc. Which I agree to I guess. It was never my intention to make the piece sound like this in the end. I know I wanted an ambient-esque piece. So anywya, Thanks!

Pretty Tense

Feels like it's going on 90 degrees, and the air conditioning in the car is broke, and you've been late so many times to work this week, that they might fire you if you are late again. Did I mention that the traffics jammed for miles?

It's just a no win scenario.

ragnampiza responds:

Hahaha excellently potrayed. Yeah this piece now reminds me of that film Falling Down. You seen it? It's about a man who is tired of life, finds loads of inconsistencies in society and then begins to lecture people. It's very good. It's starts of with him in traffic, that is consequently jammed for miles!

Thanks again olde Alfonzo! Your praise's are one's from heaven.

I think.. I think it's trying to tell me something

The traffic's jammed for miles.
The traffic's jammed for miles.
The traffic's jammed for miles.

No seriously, I like what you did with this. The main beat is trippy. I hear the flange in there as well. Kind of dark and distilled. This is my kind of music.

You and me sir are kindred spirits. You might've even been my brother in another lifetime. I love the spontaneity of your music. I enjoy random sounds.

oh by the way, the traffic's jammed for miles. Just so you know :P

ragnampiza responds:

I'm speechless. Thank you! I just went on freesounds and tried to find things that I like and put it together. Yes that is a flanger.

Listening back, I could say this piece represents the thoughts of the average man in a traffic jam. The constant banging may represent road works or something haha. But I obviously had no intention to make those representations. I know I wanted to make something ambient and atmospheric.

But thank you so much! We must be brothers. What would happen if we both made music? We would be gods!

Haha, thanks for the heads up.

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Aug 27, 2009
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