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Hi, I'm Stupor, and I'm about to blow your mind:

I can make electronic music, AND non-electronic music like this.

Crazy right? Whether that music is actually decent - well, I want you to decide that for yourself. If you like it, please tell me here and/or on my userpage, where you are ALWAYS welcome. I promise. I respond to all posts on my userpage and all song reviews. So don't be shy.

One more thing - I will try from now on to release my songs two at a time. I've done that now, in fact. The other song should be around here somewhere.


So familiar...

This wouldn't happen to be form the Mother series would it?

Stupor responds:

No. it's original.

Basically what everyone else said

I mean it is truly a relaxing sound. I mean the main instrument that plays all the way through just sounds so nice. I think that it was a nice choice, espcially to keep it playing that long.

I think that there was a lot that you did to try to make sure that id didn't get boring in repetitive by placeing in different instruments like pianos, or drums. It was really nice. I think that all the parts blended well together and weren't over powering. Good job.

Stupor responds:

Glad you like it! Some people have been more critical on the main horn sound, so I'm glad to hear a different opinion.

Another very relaxing song :P.

Wow. I despise relaxing songs, but this is awesome. Really good job on it, I enjoyed it.

The melody is so calming and great, especially the melody in the chorus. The piano in the background sounded extraordinary, and overall the instruments are great too. The main brass instrument bothered me very slightly, but apart from that, fantastic choice of instruments.

The transitions were very professionally done, especially the drum transitions from the alternate melody to the chorus. The structure is great too, and the chorus is repeated just the right amount of times without getting repetitive. The intro was really good, and I especially liked how you started up the drums. The ending was pretty much like the beginning, but sounded great anyway. I think the final chord you used in the ending is a tad bit too quiet, though.

The drums were just the right loudness for a song like this, and the samples are really good as well. I think you should add some hi-hats and ride cymbals playing a soft drum beat somewhere in the song where there aren't any drums playing, but that's just a suggestion. Right now, the drums are great as they are ^^.

In conclusion, you've really made a great song. I enjoyed it a lot. Congratulations on being one of the first persons who got me downloading a calm song XD.

-Review Request Club-

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Stupor responds:

Thank You! I'm glad you decided to check this song out, I know soft, easy-going songs like this can be a bore sometimes.


A lovely tune that kind of reminds me of the atmosphere at the start of an episode of Cheers. It's a cosy atmosphere, where everyone knows your name and no-one talks about that time you got caught by the cops in the park with your trousers around your ankles.

The brass (or was it organ?) addition to this piece sounds so nice and calming that it just helps to keep the tone one of a calming and mellowing disposition.

I think that the twinkles were a nice touch, though I'd have recommended that the drums were brushed, rather than struck, this would give a much calmer sound, especially to the symbols and the snares.

[Review Request Club]

Stupor responds:

Thanks, I'm glad someone liked the bell sound. I'll try and procure a good brush sample :P

Loved it.

As everyone has said before me, this is very 80s. It was also really relaxing, calm and just a great song to listen to..

I can imagine it being used as the intro to some 80s English country drama series..A few slightly rocky aerial shots of lush hills, valleys and rivers..Panning across fields, close-ups of bees and flowers in the wind..Before finally settling on a panoramic country background, where something like "A Country Life" fades in in a really cheesy font.

I could listen to this for ages, it was great.

Fived. Faved.

[Review Request Club]

Stupor responds:

I like that image! Thanks for the fave!!

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