.:When Sadness Builds Up.2:.

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Remake of the original WSBU.

Make your own stories.

I owe a lot of reviews but I haven't had stable internet in weeks. I'll be replying to everyone and returning reviews in a week, promise.

All votes and reviews are appreciated.

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Careful with tempo changes

I think that you've done a little too much with the change of the tempo for this piece - it's something that sounds nice as the slower piece as everything fades in and the drums start up. At 43 seconds, the piece starts to fray, as the tempo kicks off and it just seems like you've not managed to get this right by just a little.

A lovely poignant sounding ending, with the high piano notes. Possible scope for making the piece longer, but with the way it sounds at the moment, you need to consider how to do that - perhaps use the faster part as the chorus and bring in another verse?

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I really like the intro with the slowly fading in melody. The melody sounds in fact very sad. The drums are nice, but a bit too loud. They overpower the melodies in this song. In my opinon the drums should be acting as a background instrument, but here they are the most noticable instrument.

The outro seems very hopeless, which of course fits well to the theme of the song.
It just ends, without any glance of hope or happyness...

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~ Review Request Club ~

Hm, I guess sadness isn't the main emotion that I get from this submission. I do see sadness in it, but the main thing that I get from this submission is more worry and concern. Like something bad is happening and while they are trying to stop it there really isn't anything to do about it. The at the end of the song when it slows back down it's like they realize there isn't anything they can do so they finally give up.

Getting away with what I envision when hearing this and getting more into the actual song itself now. I feel this submission was very good for its length. Would have been a bit better if it was a little longer, but it wasn't too bad the way it was. I like how it starts off slower and then picks up shortly after. Good variety and a good sound all around.

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Almost perfect!

I quite enjoyed this :D. Really not bad at all ^^.

The melodies are a win. If I had to go through this song, I wouldn't dare touch these awesome melodies. I especially liked the melody 0:43. Very nice choice of intruments too, but there were really just two or three instruments playing at the same time mostly in this song, so adding another instrument, maybe some alternate melody with a plucked instrument at 0:43, to give it a maybe more climatic feel.

The transitions were excellent for a small song like this. I was impressed by the drum transition you did at about 0:41. The structure is really good as well, and it never got repetitive. The intro started the song very nicely, and had a catchy melody to it as well. Still, when I was reading your Author's Comments, I expected this to be a loop. As a song, it sounds OK, but I think you should add more melodies between the beginning and 1:11, and then take away the stuff from 1:11 onwards, and loop it, if you want it to loop. It'd match much more to what you said in the Author's Comments.

The drums were very good and varied. I especially liked the drums at the beginning, and the effect you did at around 0:57. The drum samples were excellent as well, and they fit really well with the song. I just think the drums that appear at around 0:14 were slightly too loud and I could barely hear the melody.

In all, a nice little track, with awesome melodies, instruments, transitions, intro and drums, but adding another plucked instrument, lessening the drums at 0:14 and maybe making it loop would help a little. In general, good job, keep it up :D.

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Butterscotch yo

I dunno, It just didn't catch my ears. Try adding more instruments to it dude.
~XD~ Other than that, I wouldn't give it an 8/10 for nothing haha lol.

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Aug 25, 2009
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