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Bye for now



This is amazing, you have some pretty nice stuff, you've inspired me to create something, but then again I can't create such good songs such as these.

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Music-story responds:

This is funny. Who keeps on saying other people's reviews are helpful? I don't even touch the review vote thing. Glad I could inspire you. Practice and you get better.

Bye for now

P.S. Your review is helpful because it encourages me. :)


-The first thing that came to mind was this piece's ability to be in a racing game. Hearing stuff like this totally makes my day.

-Not as diverse as I hoped it to be, but honestly, it's still extremely diverse compared to the majority of dance that I hear, so props for that.

-Once again, an open soundscape, and it sounds great! The variety of tone and color is fascinating.

-I don't have much to say for this one. It's definitely thrilling. Some of the transitions reminded me of the band Family Force 5. Very intense piece. Keep it up!


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Music-story responds:

Hi IM,

Thanks for review. Interesting, I was going for this ghost feeling...but sure a racing feeling is close enough. I think I recognize your username from somewhere. Maybe I reviewed a past song of yours? I'll check out your latest.

Bye for now


wow, this is epic for real. I love the deep dark bass synths you used. You are very good at making music. Do you use reason to produce your songs? Whatever you use keep it up, I like it. In other words I belive that Yurei means either ghost or spirit. I study a lot of Asian culture on my spare time. It's like a hobby to be exact. This song deserves a...


-DJ AsianTech (Noc666)

Music-story responds:

Hi DJ Asian,

I use logic pro 8. This is quite a old song now. Didn't expect people to like it anymore...then again not many people liked it when it first came out. Seems to be like that for all my songs I make. As advice to you, don't listen to any song before Yurei from me. They were all produced about 2 years or more ago when I was really bad at music. I'm still learning lots so my music will get better as I produce more. Maybe it will be as good as those top 5 songs someday on this site. I doubt it.

Yes, Yurei means ghost. I like to put an Asian spin on my songs with the guitar.
Thanks for the review
Bye for now

Awesome, as usual

I always enjoy a good, in-your-face, original trance song. Like this. lol.
I truly envy your skillz.
I really like the heavyness that comes in at 3:25
I also like how the song is one long, drawn out climactic build-up. (Lol remember System Override?) Usually songs of that variety don't end up so well, but then again there are exceptions like this.
Hope to see some more awesome stuff from you.
P.S. any tips for a beginner like me? Like for example: "use this, avoid this, etc."

Music-story responds:

Hi SuperKM,

I'm no where near professional status so what I say to you is truly in a humbling way.

First, everytime you make a song, make sure you learn from your mistakes. Sometimes I notice some artists on NG do not take their reviews seriously. For whatever the reason, they don't take in the valuable info. The result is a stagnant musician.

Second, make high standards for yourself. If a song is too easy for you to make than the chances are it probably is a song that is lacking. (There are exceptions where you get all this inspiration for a song, but that rarely happens and should not be relied upon) Whenever I make a song, it never does become one song. For example, this song did not just pop out first thing in my head. I have like 6-7 versions of this very song which were just not good enough for me. Its a frustrating process but eventually you find what works best for you.

Thirdly, you can listen to other artists who are better than you. Preferably professionals. They come up with the most creative ideas if you listen carefully. For example, numerous people on NG use filter modulations, but have you tried sustain modulations before? NG seems to be loving the filter automations so this is your time to be a little different from the rest.

Like everything else, it all comes down to whoever puts in the most work. You work hard on your song and trust me, eventually every song you make you will see a major improvement.

Thanks for the review.
Bye for now
P.S.I'm working on two songs at the moment and one of them may bring back old memories.....the style I used when I first started making music. You should know what that is like.

what are the chances .

Hey Music Story! I thought you stopped sumbitting to NGs...well I guess not just saw this sumbission and heres your review.... Love the intro with the deep bass and dark sounds with the light piano sounds dropping in every so often as it builds... then you raise the up the notes and make the melody uplifting and it sounds great...the songs may bit a repetitive for some, but I like how you put that break in there and started to add a different feel again to it at the end...no criticism but great job and check out some of my new songs its been a while! (even though I stopped sumbitting here for some time too.)

Music-story responds:

Hi Viz,

I thought you stopped submitting to NG to post music on your youtube account. Thanks for the comments. Not much more for me to say. I'll check out a song or two of yours.

Bye for now

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