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Noisy - Lifehouse: Beacon

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Author Comments

SUPAR EDIT: (10/08/09)
Just uploaded an improved version of the song: Fixed the drums so they're not so repetitive, got rid of the fadeout ending, and extended the piano solo. The piano's still a little hard-tuned, I think, but I can't quite tweak it to get it where it fits, so I left it, for now. (:


This's a sequel, or a branching off, of a song I wrote a while back called Lifehouse. It's not up on NG yet, but it might be someday. (:

It's good music for just relaxing, I think. Makes me happy, there's just something I like about it. Highest quality NG will allow for the filesize, 256kbit. Enjoy!


I'm speechless

Yes, I'm speechless. This song really let my with my mouth open. Good thing that I can still type. :D

This song is just awesome. It starts right from the first second. The strings offer a very nice sound. The melody that follows after that is very uplifting and just the right thing to listen to to start into the day.

I also like that the song never gets boring. Right when I get the feeling that a certain melody has been played long enough you change it. Very nice. :D

{ Review Request Club }

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INoisy responds:

Hahaha, good thing! ;D

Thanks man, I really appreciate it. I tried to keep it varied without losing the structure of the song (:

Bordering on euphoric

What a nice, uplifiting piece - it really does get the blood flowing, with the slow and steady pace of the tune, carried by the beat and then brought forward once more by the piano scales that seem to fit so naturally. The whole piece paints a picture of a bright future, with people getting along in harmony. Too bad it's just a picture.

A little top-end static needs dealing with in some of the louder phases, but I think that it's something that only proves that you're human. Keep up the good work!

Finally, I think that to bring this piece forward, give yourself a piano solo - the beat and the melody / counter melody seem too overpowering, so that the piano's subtle tones cannot be heard, sadly. Such a powerful instrument is not a backing singer - let it take the lead for a change and shine through.

[Review Request Club]

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INoisy responds:

Euphoric, wow, thank you! I appreciate it, and thanks for the suggestions about the piano. I agree, at the end you can't hear the beginning of the solo, and that needs to be brought up in the mix a little bit.

Thanks very much (:

~ Review Request Club ~

Pretty cool song. The first impression that I get from this song (and the same one that most people are getting from it) is that it's very relaxing. At the same time as it's relaxing it also has a sort of energy to it though. All around it gives it this happy/relaxing feeling where you can just enjoy the song and feel good about it.

I can't really think of anything else to say about it because I think it's perfectly fine the way that it is. Can't really critique it if I can't find anything wrong in my own opinion. :P So good job and keep up the good work.

~ Review Request Club ~

INoisy responds:

Thank you very much, cheers man! Relaxing is what I was going for. ;D

You rock :D.

This song is amazing. I really don't know why, but something in this song made me really enjoy it. Whatever, this song is fanastic. Anyway, onto the review...

The melodies are so awesome, and one of the parts of the song that I enjoyed the most. I especially liked the melody that first appeared at around 1:20, and the piano that followed after was just great. The bass here was quite catchy too, and well varied. Excellent and definitely non-generic instruments too, especially the one at the beginning, and the saw pads. My only complaint over here is that the piano is just a little too hard-tuned for ambient. Other than that, melodies and instruments are what make this song so awesome.

When it comes to the transitions, this song is great. All the instruments were introduced quite well, and the melodies flowed so excellently with the song. The structure of this song is very good too, and this is so varied too. Superb intro too, it seems to represent the lifehouse beacon slowly spinning around, lighting up its surroundings, but the ending was really the worst problem of this song, since it was a fade ending, and fade endings rarely work with songs. First, you should remove the fade ending from about 2:56 onwards, play the solo you did from 1:20 to 1:33 except with some simpe drums and a soft saw pad playing long notes in the background, and then repeat the last note of that solo you did one last time except a little longer and with a reverbed kick. It should do the trick :).

The drums, although they had excellent samples and a decent drum beat to them, were too repetitive. Try and introduce some altenate drum beats somewhere, like maybe a kick-ride or a kick every beat and a hi-hat every half-beat. Just some break from the main drum beat which doesn't mean taking the drums out entirely.

To summarize, I extremely enjoyed this song, it's excellent, with just the small defects of the fade ending, hard-tuned piano and repetitive drums. The advantages definitely overcome the disadvantages, so all in all, this song is great! :D. Oh, and if you have any time, would you mind reviewing my track, 'Windows Wars'?

-Review Request Club-

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INoisy responds:

Wow, you have no idea how cool and helpful long, thought-out reviews are. Hugs. ;D A lot of people have been saying that the piano's a little harsh for the song, and I'm thinkin' I agree, and that's something I need to change.

I really like your suggestions for the outro, and after thinking about it seems like a normal ending would be best, rather than a fade out ending. That's something I'm planning on fixing too. (:

The drums are actually the same throughout the ENTIRE SONG, which was just a result of me wanting to just get this out there as soon as possible. That's on the list too, hahaha, needless to say.

Thank you so much for your kind words and constructive criticism. It's very helpful. (: I'll definitely check out your track, cheers!

nice melody

I like the melody to this song.
Your style is very nice, I like how you add melodies upon melodies to avoid repetitiveness.
The main synth in the background is very cool. It's kinda catchy.
This song sounds victorious like.
Im sorry if this review is a lil choppy, im drunk tired now.

- Review Request Club-

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INoisy responds:

Thanks very, very much ;D Always makes me feel good. (:

I actually reviewed one of your songs yesterday, dunno if you noticed or not. I knew I recognized you. Peace, dude.

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3.66 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2009
10:18 AM EDT
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3 min 41 sec

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