The Assassin's Memo

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"You notice a sign outside your place of employment."

Wanted: Bosa Lacrioso

Accusations: Assault with a deadly weapon, First degree murder, Conspiracy, Battery, and Resisting arrest.

Description: Noted as a former special operations agent, Bosa Lacrioso has caused the death of a well known celebrity (Mark Mitchells) and has also threatened the lives of a few ccontributing music authors and artists. Some of these are somewhat known (MaestroRap, Rucklus, Paradox9, Milkman Sam) but other not-so-well-known artists have also been targeted (You.) All deaths seem to be in a pattern - as they are all related to persons of importance. There is a nationwide manhunt for this fugitive and any information on the individual should be reported to your local police department.

Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Ethnicity: N/A
Age: N/A
Known Relatives: Mario Paladino, Gushluk Vernkuk, Thomas J. Fulp, Yosamuta Yashu, and Jorge Elmondo.

"You faintly recognize the name, but you could care less because your fans await your arrival at the book club ceremony tonight! It seems that insecure women everywhere are just dying to get their hands on your new fitness novel, 'How to Not Eat so Much.' Well, you head to your car and you notice something odd inside: a package. You open the package and you find a letter within. Horribly scribbled, you make out a few words."

"Dear Fellow,

I'm going to kill you.

Bosa Lacrioso"

"As you look up out of fear, you see a red dot on your forehead as you gaze at your rear-view mirror. You quickly and immediately duck as a gunshot is let off. Driving away you begin to panic.
There is a car following you closely and wildly. Your heart is beating out of your chest and your breath is hastened. Going as fast as you can in hopes of losing your pursuer, you notice the highway. That prayer you said a while ago came in handy after all. Cars swerve to avoid your reckless behavior, but Bosa keeps following you! Time is limited, and soon Bosa's car will be beside yours. This stupid station wagon is junk! Just when all seemed to be at its worse, your vehicle comes to a halt - as you're out of gas! you puul over to the side, Bosa pulls over as well. You both get out of your vehicles and..."

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That is epic and incredible. Also, the story goes well with the song. Awesome job!


Just JUST as I finished reading your author comment the music ended and I was like WTFBBQSAUCE!?

Bosa responds:

It works in mysterious ways.


I never would have imagined something like this, this is amazing. Keep doing what you are doing! Its great! Don't lose steam or think that you don't make a difference in your listeners lives- some people are just as moved by music as you are.

Btw, the story in your description goes wonderful with it: it actually inhanced the expirience :3

Bosa responds:

I'm glad it did, because that's what I was aiming for.


i was searching for audio for my next animation project... something dramatic, for the danger scenes and i found THIS!!!! it almost made me jump!
great job man!!

Bosa responds:

Good. I hope to be able to see your project some time.

You both get out of your vehicles and..

slowly Bosa pulls out a 9mm out of his pocket and points it straight to your head.Your heart was racing , the world doesn't seem to make sense.You make a slow turn to the left , Bosa was there ready to pull the trigger , a gleam of light from your car shows his grin but his hoodie covered his eyes , you could tell from that smile that he was not afraid to pull the trigger.Behind you was nothing but a large clearing and that would make you an easy target.Your heart was beating slower as you began to lose hope , you fell to your knees.Bosa was walking ever so closer but this time you could see his eye's.There was no compassion , no fear or regret on what he was going to do.You closed your eye's , awaiting your clear fate.

hahaha lame continuation :P

Bosa responds:

And an excellent addition, my friend! Truly you have a writing talent.

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