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Computer repair

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Author Comments

Here's my entry to the fourth voice acting contest.
A computer repair man retells the horrors of his day to his son.


Voice Acting Contest Final Results! :D


First off, I would like to say that you have a great mind. You are very original and I love your style of humor. It was so serious yet so random and hilarious. I loved your jokes and puns. "You said cum daddy" That just made me crack up. You have agreat sense of voice style, a good range. I LOVED THE ENDING. Those sound effects were fantastic! As for the acting, you were a bit monotone and boring at some parts. It was a bit dry. You can easily fix this by adding some nice background music that doesnt mess up the voice. Also act a bit more energetic when acting. LOL PRAIRE DOG HAHAHA. xD I couldnt stop laughing at that. Hmm... thats odd... your blood smells like muffins!!! - 87


Computer repair

Acting = 30
Fit = 24
Originality = 12
Range = 14
Mixing = 7

- 87

There were some very good voices but I felt the son's voice let the piece down. Whilst I gathered he was meant to be intentionally irritating, I just felt it wasn't as strong a voice as the other characters. Excellent use of sfx and with the echoey flashback scenes, but there were a lot long pauses between dialogue and microphone pops. A very interesting story but was very slow paced ended being a bit predictable. Overall, great acting, all fit very well and with a great range.


Computer repair
Acting 34/35
Fit 20/25
Originality 11/15
Range 7/10
Mixing 10/10

- 86

Stalagamite said something below in a side review!

He gave you a 54.

Computer repair
Acting - 18/35
Fit - 14/25
Originality - 4/15
Range - 11/15
Mixing - 7/10




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I have to say, the twist is fantastic. i smiled when i figured it out hehe. judging from the comically stereotypical perspective of the way you interpreted these characters, it is intended to be a comedy, however i admitedly did not laugh that much... maybe four or five times..it was a little slow and slightly dull in terms of keeping the plot either intriguing, fun or exciting. none the less, it is a story told well. it does somewhat have a slight Reuben feel i agree lol.

I certianly got to know your main character well. your voices range where quite well set apart, however a few werent neccesarily so well fitted. your office worker was ace. main character! ace. your kid was okay but the other character was ... well, not so distinguishable.. he had no character, nothing which could help me establish anything about him... maybe you could have had a quality in his voice that would suggest or hint his condition. low growling or torret barks or something...maybe some other narrated suggestions and hints? i dont know... i think overall you should work on your characters fitting more.

either way. your characters where interesting and i could follow the story and was pleased with the amusing twist! this is actually a very good piece of work. i hope you find my criticisms as informative and not diggin at you. You are really awesome. :D good luck in the competition! :D all the best! :D you take care now! hehe. oh and muffins was well fitted in... as dark and twisted as it was hehe. :D BEAVER OUT!

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I liked it. The dad/computer guy's voice reminded me of Reuben. In fact the whole narrative thing was very Reuben-y.

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"I swear to God if you don't shut...

your f*ckin' mouth, you're gonna to get the belt again!" MW10T------>

!!!!! CAUTION !!!!! CONTAINS !!!! SPOILERS !!!! DO !!!! NOT !!!! READ !!!! THIS !!!! NOW !!!!!

Funny stuff, Man! The "fix my computer box, yes?" Man, sounded like Kermit the Frog from Russia. It was cute! Lincoln Dincoln Shnitzenberger, the boy, covered in his own mess, dogs eating their own feces, cats eating their own legs, and man eating prairie dogs!!! OMG, this was the silliest shit I've heard in awhile man. Good Job! Glad to hear that watching the History Channel can save a life or two. The muffin tie in was unexpected. Oh, and who doesn't get a good laugh out of a Mommy's Dead joke, huh? Ha! I'm kidding of course. For any of you who might feel the need to senselessly argue with my emotional guilt, for saying such a thing. "You said come, Daddy."
Good Luck on the contest, MW10T! Maybe if he had hired a BABYSITTER (eh, you see what I did there? *wink, wink*) the Father wouldn't have to give up his first born son to that Russian Kermit the Frog, Man Eating Prairie Dawg. Ha! Whatever, seriously, best of luck. Maybe someday you we'll end up working on something together. Until they announce the winners. . . .

............Take care, be good and watch the History Channel.period

Oh yeah. . . and EAT MUFFINS!


one of the better voice acts ive heard for a while :D

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4.12 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2009
3:19 PM EDT
Voice Demo
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6.8 MB
7 min 23 sec

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