Peaceful dreams

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A peaceful song all in piano sorta long but nice REVIEW PLEASE


That sounds really nice.

It's really peaceful. Some of it reminded me of the "Gilmore Girls" theme song, haha. But most of it is really nice and original. I want to make a flash cartoon with that about something but I'm too lazy, hahaha. Well, I liked this though. Good song.

Judge Review---||\SU-146/||

Yeah, a cool piano piece! Pretty tight, and fun to listen to. Some great features put into it as well. On to the review!

Originality: A nice piano piece, and only piano, done in such a mind blowing way. It reminded me of a dramatic part of a soap opera or something of the sort. What seemed like a 32-note section with the melody intertwining with the bass, that part was especially beautiful.

It wasn't an entirely peaceful dream. It seemed to have it tense moments of glory, or anger, like you did something cool, things went peaceful, then it was all blown up in the end. This isn't bad, but this really didn't reflect the name of your song. I think "Broken Dreams" would be a better title, but that's my personal opinion. Then again, when I think about it, it could be "peaceful" death, in which case, makes more sense.

It's just so cool how you made this sound, the melodies, the bass notes, just--so--beautiful, wow, spectacular.

Originality Score: 25/25

Diversity: This piano piece reflects towards the zenith of Newgrounds piano pieces in this category. Though just piano (I wish more instruments could be added!) this was very much a pretigious piece that caught my attention. You didn't bother explaining the surroundings of your story, you dove right into it, which was really nice. An intro can turn someone off if they don't like it, but getting right into a good story is a great thing!

I really don't see anything entirely off right here. It could have been nice to hear more depth and power, but otherwise, I remain speechless hear.

Diversity Score: 23/25

Clarity: There is a part before you crazy on the 32 part where a piano note seems to get slightly distorted. I don't know whether that's done purposely for effect, but it might turn some people off. Otherwise, good.

Clarity Score: 22/25

Effort: Yes! I can see with all the work you've done, it was worth it, a great amount of work went into this piece. Even though there seems to be a lack of depth and power due to intstrument lack, it still stands out as a voiceful speech!

Effort Score: 24/25

Overall Score: 94/100

Awesome job. This really shines among Newgrounds, too bad it isn't on the Classical front page, it really deserves a lot of attention. Just awesome. Keep it up!

||\SU-146/||---Peace Out...


It started out a bit bland, but it got very good soon after. You have a great talent for piano arrangements, but I think you could work on structuring your composition - especially if you submit into the classical section, it would be nice to see you work from melodic themes rather than jazzy chord schemes. However, I still gave it 5/5, it's just that I hope you get the smell of success and turn out to be really, really stunning.
Hope you'll check some of my stuff.

That's What's Hot! Times 10 to the 5th power!

I haven't heard anything so gold. I love classical and I loooove piano. Man you rock! Your song has more feeling than I've ever heard anywhere...even in my own music! It...it's making me cry! Uh, but that doesn't mean it deserves a 5...ok so it deserves a 5. Ya don't have to brag about it sheesh lol. I mean, a 4.98...but I'll round it down to a 4 alrighty? Nah just kiddin, count on a 5/5 from me ;)


I used the sound in one of my deviations http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/24790434/

I hope that is okay with you. If not, I'll just take it off.

Thanks. It was exactly what I was looking for

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