God is a DJ

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Yea, just some shit i put together. My beat, my raps. If you listen, please score and review me. I would appreciate it greatly.


My review, your song.

Weird intro. Great way of picking up interest in the unweary listener.

0:10 seconds, drums come in, as does piano and lyrics.

As you stated, very basic beat, some rolls and mix ups can really hook and reel in the listener.

Lyrics are quite dandy, I'm enjoying the fact that its not obscene (so far, that may change just yet), however its not particularily deep or philisophical. I enjoy it when rap really touches on some weird concepts and points of being. It just makes the song so much more long lasting in my mind.

The beats with some subtle left-right panning can help make it feel more moving. Perhaps kick middle, snare 1 to the left, snare 2 to the right.

1:30 got a bit obscene, I don't think that added much to the track, though it didn't really take much away from it. Don't over do that kind of thing though.

Stretched female voice saying 'God is a DJ' (I think) is neat, though its a bit distorted, it made a nice smooth contrast to that of your lyrics. I find hiphop with contrast of harsh/smooth, deep/high sounds can make it easy, and intrigueing listening.

Overall this songs quite good, one of the better hip-hop songs I've heard. Emphasis is of course on lyrics, piano could have done some bridges and alternate melodies.

Outro could help, or just a slight pause of fade out. Perhaps you should spend a bit more time on minute details and fine tuning of peices to have the song really pull together.

4/5 8/10

RayRayBeats responds:

All in all, it comes down to me being lazy. You point out alot of things i think of doing, but never take the time to do, and i appreciate you doing so. Other advice, like the panning and the kick/ snare adjustments i'd never think of doing. I really appreciate it.

Hip Hop's Not Dead Yet.

Hip Hop isn't dead yet. Not as long as we keep it out of cold water with hits like this. Enough said. 10 out of 10.

<M.A.P. 1385>


I don't even know what 2 say but bravo. I love real life on a track. Ur voice on verse 2 kinda sounds like eklips the beat boxer. This shit is fuckin ill tho home, the whole fuckin remix/seamstress cluster fuck (wich you sewed together flawlessly) made 2 mu fuckers fall out they chair, no joke. Stay up homie!

3.48 / 5.00 (+ 0.85)

yo that was tight bro, God is one sick DJ. But really tho dam good work on this track I'm diggin it man the lyrics were madd tight too=)

god is.. god isnt..

this is my favorite song so far, the sound is great, (you sound better on your own beats sometimes, or on a beat i specifically make for you.. like sometimes i bleed, you need to redo that song with your new equip) but yea, the beat is real smooth, good melody with the synth, goes along really well with your voice. and i love hooks that are samples. thats mos def sayin hiphop? good shit rayray

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4.14 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2009
12:08 AM EDT
Hip Hop - Modern
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