Timeless Insanity

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so yeah heres a very wierd song... It has not set "style" its got a little bit of everything thrown into it... There will be a bass guitar added in this and that will fill some spots up like lack of bass and some transition pieces and also a few solos...

Tell me what you think of the guitar playing and how you think the overall song is as a whole... Its not a final mix yet... so i want some ideas


kinda slow

in the beginning, but once it picks up a bit, it got my attention. Could be mixed a little better, as far as drums go. They seem kind of low compared to the rest. Also, I don't know if it's just me, but the volume seems inconsistent with some parts of the song.

Either way, I like it and voted 4. Nice job.


The intro is cool, but kind of redundant. The storm crashes sound like the exact same crash just being played over and over again. You should get some different thunderstorm crash sounds to mix together so it sound more realistic.

As for the song itself, its really cool. I don't like how there is a break between the clean and distorted sections. You should find a way to make them flow together. Even if it is just a simple crossfade, there needs to be something. Don't get me wrong, breaks can be good in music, but I just didn't like the one between the intro and the beginning of the distorted guitars.

You are right, this song is really weird, including the guitar riffs. I'm not so sure the drums match up with the guitars very well. Especially during the main riffs with the distorted guitar. They just don't seem to fit very well together is all.

But this is certainly an original little tune. And I like to give credit for that when I see it. :-)

4/5 and 8/10 overall.


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Hmmm. Very interesting

The change in the music's textural patterns are curious. The intro-thunder is too repetitive (unless you imply it to be a timpani). If you can use soundfonts, I found a few on the internet awhile back that gave enough variance to sound real.

The acoustic part after that reminded me of something like Smashing Pumpkins mixed with REM. It's thrown off kilter by the horn/flute or whatever that is. Giving it a kind of a Celtic feel.

The heavy part really adds to the song. Nice layering of guitars.

The actual mix/production of it sounds good through my stereo, but, then again, when I mix something on my stereo, it doesn't necessarily sound par on other systems.

I like how you tie all the sounds together at the end.

5/5, but a 9 review until I hear vocals with it. Then repost it, and I'll throw you a 10 if you don't crap it up! :}


Mushroomhead18nc responds:

haha appreciate it man.. Theres supposed to be a bass guitar in this tune.. and thats where all the repetivive thunder in beginning is... and ill try no crap it up unless my singer does haha..


The intro was kinda long but i like the music overall : ) 3/5 7/10

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Aug 17, 2009
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