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Edit: Changed up the techno a bit. And it is Badger friendly!

I'm officially, today (or tonight...5 am doesn't seem like daytime) diagnosing myself with insomnia. I go to sleep when others wake up to go to work. Hell even when I have school, where my "body clock" is set for sleeping at 9 or 10, then waking up at 5 or 6, I'm still not going to sleep. But when I have no school, I love staying up late. I think about things, about life. I get very philosophical. Wierd, I know, but it's awesome. This song kinda reminds me of my average night... and a little of "Boom Boom Pow" towards the end hehe.


i know how you feel

16 year old insomnic...sucks for me, issomnia does really suck cant sleep (least not when you want to)

but this a nice song

DisconnectedFromGame responds:

Your name fits perfectly haha. Yeah it sucks, but it gives me an excuse to stay up late, and maybe get some homework done. Thanks for the feedback!


i really like piano in overall and i like it here again so much :o :D
reaaally nice piano you got here :D
i like the melody of it a lot :p
also nice beat you got here :)
i also like that synth sound ^^
5ed 3.64 / 5.00 (+ 0.20)

btw, check out my latest song! vote x review maybe ^^

DisconnectedFromGame responds:

Hell yeah I'll check some of yours out!


quite simple...

You made up a interesting piece of work at the begining. This was really something that was worth listening, but the technopart has a awfully poor quality if we talk about things like rythm. It's getting so simple. Even primitive. This had something of Mallorca style when you understand. Um ts clap ts um ts clap ts... Nothing really intersting^^

But as I said. The pianopart war great work. It was not simple, it CREATED an atmosphere.

DisconnectedFromGame responds:

Well I'm trying to use the KISS principle with my music now, because I literally go nuts when it comes to making all these different instruments with the same octaves. Even I have no idea whats going on.

(And I totally know what you mean about the beat, VERY overused, I just thought I'd try it out. Guess it still sucks haha.)

Nicely done

The Intro was so badass and then it stopped... your piano work is beautiful sounding... When the drums come in... you should have kept the piano part in and then gone into the next transition... the techno part of this song is severely lacking.... It sounds empty through out the whole end of the song.. you need a lot of layers in this song because the beginning has tons of delay and reverb.. but the techno part comes in and it sounds very dull and just cut off...

You have good ideas... but you need to work more on the "techno" parts of this song... even if you dont have great plugins you can still make good sounds with only a parametric eg and Reverb or chorus which almost any daw program has...
try and learn how to transition the pieces better and this song will be incredible.. I herard 0 buildups in the song itself and if its a techno song then here has got to be buildups.. they dont have to be crazy like a normal buildup.. just a burst in energy somewhere throughout the changing pieces... buildups help tremendously in techno.. look into that and making your own sounds..

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DisconnectedFromGame responds:

Alright, so a good buildup. I guess to keep it on the sane side the slider would work pretty well. I'll be sure to change that transition, thanks man.

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Aug 17, 2009
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