{B.A.B.} Endless Possibilities

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Nothing much to say. I composed this for a video game, and I'm worried the one section might be too energetic to use for it, but that's about all I can say.

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what the fuck!!!

Why was i not informed that you were making tunes again!!!!

good strings in the intro, im getting a good tension from them, but it lets off almost every time they change chords

omg those choirs are just amazing

ohmygod dude when those snares come in, its like, REALLY fucking great, i dont know what kind of game this went into, but even if it doesnt fit the game style, its still a really great song

loops fine too

great job dudes, keep em comin

peace out


blackattackbitch responds:

Lol I haven't informed anyone actually, and probably won't until the game is finished and I'm back to making personal tracks. (might stick to loops though since they have more market value, and I really need the money now, but enough about my personal life hahaha)

The strings were meant to do that btw, so that it could add to the mood, as well as accentuate the dynamics, but mostly for the first part. Next time though, I'll try not to make the volume drop so extreme.

And about the choirs, for me, it's not the choir, but the blending of the choir with the instruments already present that really makes that section good. That's one of my favorite things about choirs: When combined with other instruments, the choir and the instruments end up....enhancing each other.

I honestly don't even remember what inspired that last section. I wanted to do a slight buildup, but kinda lost control of it. Lol as long as it sounds good though hahaha

Don't worry, I will keep them coming, I still have three songs pending an upload and a 4th on the way. (castlevania inspired, you might like this one)

Keep sending me emails, as soon as I'm done with the project, I plan to check out as many songs as I possibly can.

Thanks for the review too!

Wonderful song yet again

You have quite the wonderful orchestrations here! I've quite enjoyed your music, and this certainly doesn't disappoint. The looping isn't perfect, but hey... can't be perfect with MP3's.

The start is a nice dramatic build up that you have there. You make excellent use of the woodwind instruments for their little bits of chiming in here and there. Really great charm in the music, it's not really "epic" but more of a wide open overworld type of theme. The title certainly befits it well.

The near end part after 0:45 is built up well and has good energy, it reminds me of people riding horses. It's a little short, but otherwise it works well as a break before it loops back again.

Not much complaints about this song from me. ^.^ Wonderfully done! I'm going to download this one onto my IPod.

~Phyrnna ^_^

blackattackbitch responds:

Nice seeing you again, and extremely happy that you downloaded this!

Yeah, I hate how MP3s loop, but I'm not too worried about it.

Glad you like what I did with the woodwinds, I love doing those little melodies for the woodwinds specifically for the atmosphere that they inspire.

The shortness of the end occurred to me post-render. I should have extended it some, and it wouldn't have detracted from the variety too much.

Thanks for the review!

You stole a song title from me :O

Haha, seriously, i have a song with the same title. It's very different than this though, so i won't make any comparisons. And if i would this song pwn mine anyway :P
But let's get started with reviewing now.
In the beginning i really like the dynamics of those strings. All of the details you add are so good too! The flutes, the little bells and i think i even hear a marimba there(?).
The bass is great too. It's in a great spot in the mix and gives the song some foundation.
You know, it's always so hard to review your songs. There is so much going on and it's changing constantly. I just don't have the time to focus on all the things that are going on simultaneously. Don't think that's negative though, because there's so much going on you can listen to this again and again and again without that it becomes repetitive.
I really love those string runs!
What i also like is the moment when this song ''explodes'' (on 00:44). Normally loops don't have a climax like that, but here it worked just fine. It loops great too!
Another thing that i like to point out is the snaredrum that plays right after that moment on 00:44. It seems like it plays little flam notes and i love that!
Well, not really much more to say here. Keep up the great work that you're doing and maybe i'll watch a movie in the cinema someday with your music in it :P
Here's my score:

blackattackbitch responds:

Glad you checked out my song, even after I haven't checked out anyone elses in quite some time :(

I can assure you, I did not use a marimba hahaha

I was worried about the section at :44 cuz it might throw the listener off when he's playing the game it's intended for. Basically, it's better suited as just a listening song, rather than a song for a video game.

The snare effect might be because I used the Squidfont snares instead of the regular solo snares that I usually use. I like the SQ snares because of their multiple articulations.

Sorry about the song title though, I wasn't aware. At least I put the BAB in front of it lol

this is goooood...

wish i coulda rated this 20/20 but o well nice use of the wind instaments great use of the string and much less drumage which is very good for u u can make much more heated songs without drums if u tried hard im sure of it by the way i rated this 5/5 well im tired ima listen to your other song too then its time for bed lol

blackattackbitch responds:

Thanks for enjoying my music man, I love seeing your reviews on my tracks!

(The wind instruments were my favorite part too hahaha)


getting really relaxed by listening to this song! :D
awesome classical ! :D
you really how to compose such a things :D
nicely done ;)
5ed 5.00 / 5.00 (+ 5.00)

btw, check out my latest song! vote x review maybe ^^

blackattackbitch responds:

Thanks man. I would check it out, but I have a LOT of songs to write and only two weeks to do it.

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Aug 16, 2009
1:01 PM EDT
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