{GBD} Shadow Of The Moon

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A song For my moon maidin enjoy the song it took some time, please leave a comment.

Love you Baby and happy birthday!

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Hi Dooby,

So this feels more like a horror movie scene rather than your typical dance like electronic music. I would say up to 0:40 the song brings a great atmosphere. I like those deep kicks. Sound like your heartbeat pounding. However, at 0:40 the new percussion doesn't match very well with this horror scene. I think you should have lowered the upper frequencies of that percussion. Make it more gloomy sounding.

1:19 not sure about the claps. Now we are dancing in a horror film? I like the background sounds and few fx you have. I particularly like the transition at 2:00.

2:26 I highly recommend you to filter cut or eq better the high pitch instrument. Its quite screechy. Oh, a familiar instrument at 2:53. Your flute again. You really like this instrument. There are a few off key moments, but the panning is well done.

It gets a bit chaotic when all the bells, fx, pads, booming kick, and shifting drums come in. Might need to be mixed better.

6:07 It becomes really noticeable. That "bouncing" effect you put on that bell solo gets my attention. My music synthesizer "sculpture" also has the ability to make any instrument have that bouncing effect. It seems like your music program has some similar features to that of logic 8. I never hear that effect used in any FL songs.

Overall, I'm thinking ambient rather than trance music. It doesn't matter though. No one cares about the correct genre placement on NG. Your songs all have this strange style. I recommend that you listen to Invisibleobserver's account. Here it is:

http://invisibleobserver.newgrounds.c om/

He makes some strange music too like you. 5/5 and 9/10 review
Bye for now


ill jst type comments as they come to me.

it starts off a bit slow if you ask me. but the foreboding vibes of the song gets across, so its okay.

the sound effect that comes up in rapid succession at about :39 isnt very strong and gets annoying after a while. and the snare roll that introduces the beat is a pretty weak transition. the beat itself is too soft and shallow for me to really get into it.

you are, though, getting a really really disturbing atmosphere on, so great job!

the style change into breakbeats is welcome, but a smoother transtition would be nice.

i see what you're trying to do with teh chimes but i think you can do better if you jst let the chime play out a chord once or something and let the disturbing atmosphere do the talking instead of making them play over and over again in a chord pattern. that makes the harshness of the sound get annoying.

the different leads that come in afterwards just dont have any common key or anything so they seem random and thrown in... i think you can do better in makign this a coherent track.

finally, they often get too loud, alike at 3:30 or so. i liked that more as a background melodic element.


overall i thought this was very decent with the background and sound effects, but the song lacked direction and lasting appeal so it was tough for me to give it too high of a score. good job overall though!

[check out my latest. its only fair ;)]

DoobyTimePiece responds:

so i just reviewed your shit. cool beans and thanx for your feed back

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Aug 15, 2009
4:21 PM EDT
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