Dirty Dick Lips

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song i made a lil bit ago for my friend, one day he was pissing me off and i said i would make him a song LOL

lower quality to fit

brandon touches dicks to his lips
his butt cheeks so warm from all that cum spray
goddamn thats fuckin gay
he tounge fucks dudes so hard he can taste what they just ate
isnt that great
just like his tiny weiner he shows us when hes drunk
he gets crunk at a sausage fest
hes so blessed that all the guys are on his nuts
he fucks all he sees
a big pile of dicks
stacked up lick bricks
sucking 20 off at a time
listen to this rhyme
youll get to know him a lil bit better
he puts chedda on his chest
to make a brandon sandwich with a bunch of dirty mother fucking dicks
aint that rich
i play the ps3 while he
gets fucked with a wii- mote
runs around with coat
with nothing on underneath
he grins showing his teeth
that have a buunch of nasty pupic fuzz
always ruining my mother fuckin buzz

ok i must admit
he probably dosnt suck allot of dick
but gets fucked by guys
with huge ass slong
all night long
pounded brandons in his ass is what he would perferr
but dont detoured
but if your gay call him up
get him in the butt
get him to put your dick to his lips
in his mouth
he like to get sprayed in the face
cum allover the place

in his mouth
in ass
lay him in the grass
fuck him in the stable
cause your able
he gets what he can
always grabbing shit ton of dicks
now its 40 at a time
a mother fuckin veteran of this rhyme

so listen

brandon sucks allot dick
likes a dick in his mouth
putting a bunch of dicks in his mouth
in his butt
pull his hips
smack that dirty dick
smack that dirty dick on your fucking lips brandon
you aint got nuthing else

brandon likes a buch of big dirty dicks

fat dicks small dicks, curvy dicks black dicks white asain dirty dicks everywich dicks everydick
penis lips
every dick
cant say no
you cant say no
cant say no to a bunch of dirty dicks

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Ha ha ha

gotta love this beat and its comical (especially if you know Brandon IRL like i do)

btw does he know its on newgrounds?


This is gold! Production is a little dodgy but I fuckin' love the overall sound of this (including the vocals)! Good fucking job, dude!


from me.

That Was Good.

I looked at the name, And had to listen.

This reminds me a little bit of Stampers 'Dick Clubbin'. I think your beat was absolutely awesome with this piece. Definitely the high point of listening to this was hearing the background to the song. As for flaws.

I understand that this was made by you as a joke more than anything, But I think you could have made the lyrics flow a little better. Sometimes you had big pauses just so the rhyme would exist. I think you should make another funny song like this, And put even more effort in.

Its brilliant. In its own little world.

Kurisuthecrow responds:

hahaha word im not a rapper by anymeans but yea i might do another song for another but thanks for the review

the beat is from


forgot to put that in the commentary so credits to them for the beat


Lyrics = 10
Beat = 10
Quality = 10
Man, this song is too good! DL 5/5! Who the fuck is brandon? You should put it in your commentary so we know who he is.

Kurisuthecrow responds:

lol glad you like it
Its one one my friends i told him i was gonna make him a song he would appreciate LOL

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Aug 14, 2009
5:05 AM EDT
Hip Hop - Modern
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