Figure 8 Poetry

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Song: Figure 8 Poetry
Artist: Monk Da VIllain + Tainted Poet
Produced By: MC-Q + Blood-Flow
Album: Cave Trials Pt. 1

It was his first time rapping. Give him a break.

So i got another bone to pick with this guy/ demonstraghting our devistation with a fish fry/ get a job you lazy bum they screamed/ well lately/ they dont know what hate brings/ jealously and rage/ encaged escaping/ within alcatraz his fate was waiting/ had no idea he would achieve great things/ a natural born pilot never flew with 8 wings/ so he strapped on his blade and a tatarkain vest/ and wore a chain so the darkness wouldnt spark his chest/ he was next on the list to get hit with the light/ he told his mind that he wasnt going down in the fight/ he kissed his baby daughter said goodbye to his wife/ then walked out the door just to dissapear in the night/

oh yes (yes) im living life/ but the question on my mind all the time is am i living right?/ it keeps running through my membrane/ im like a subsitute sargent who can't seem to get his head straight/ im not tryna be an inspiration/ but if its working then mayb hip hop could fix the nation/ why are we hesitatin/ im tired of being paitent/ to our leaders I suggest a delegation/ registration/ cause when the currency decreases/ the body count inevitably increases/ the whole world becomes defeated/ think we would learn from the countless times historys repeated/ seen the effects while on a world tour/ theres no point in helping this forsaken world anymore/ killing off the young but not helping the reborn/ i seen this on CNN/ but it was more like the end/ restoration is in store

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A yo im a rapper u think u could hook me up with some beats or sum would love too do a song or collaboration hit me up and 9/10 for the song only a 9 cause bad quality everthing else was good keep it up man -phenom

contact info-mr.phenomenaltv@gmail.com

here you

will ya giz a link ta taintes userpage.........?????? ri tanks...
Hello, could you possibly give me a link to tainteDs profile? Thank you very much.

oh sorry i meant to say, i LOVE! your song. its great.


Wow. Just wow...

Hip Hop has hope. I said hip hop has hope! Yes! I'm really impressed! Keep this stuff popping for me, man! Cha-cha-cha-YEAH!!!!!!

<M.A.P. 1385>


This stuff makes me wounder why the good people are on NG and the crappy people some how got famous. Hope bring somethin good and new to the hiphop game in the futur


dj ses already gave me the scoop on you

and judging from your actions you only dick ride whoever wants to do a project with you

once a n***a focuses on his own shit and tells you he ain't got time for your kiddy hustle you claim that you never said "imma have your back no matter what"

you songs are definitely dope.....i'll give you that BUT

you can't claim that certain people will never understand the word "loyalty" then act all buddy buddy when they wanna hop on your beats lol

trust me homie you're a HUGE sellout

and i've heard this from a lot of dudes on NG just never really took the time to really pay attention to them since i wasn't close to any of them lol

as far as your music goes.....you definitely stepped up

as far as you character goes......well i already explained that part

and for anyone who has anything to say against me ask knowledge (rakoon) why mc queer wanted to join WP lol

keep doing your thing faggot


MC-Q responds:

Ok first off ses gave you the scoop on me!?
I never talked to ses a day im my muthafucking life. I hate tha kid hes annoying as shit. And I mean I guess I only dick ride ppl who I project with. I been fucking with the same dudes since day one. Me and Rak? still have yet to do a project together but I still fucks with him. And If i recall you only dick ride me when you want a beat. The ones you said "are filled with so much of my emotions" that you love oh so much. And did u ever hear me say that I NEVER had your back Kid!? I did have you back your the pussy ass n***a who turned his back on me once he left the pack. And FELL OFF!
And your claiming YOUR the reason I wanted to join the pack!? N***a I didnt even know you UNTIL i joined the pack. So get your shit straight dude. I grew intrest when I met MPZ and fuckin LV. And i wanted LV to teach me a few things THATS why I joined the mutha fucking WP.

But I got a question for you and everybody else
Every one, why did adrian finaly closed his mouth bout Frank!? Thats right cause U didnt think they were gunna come looking for you dude.
C'mon now. Your a fucking WP reject who cant get over the fact that his mixtape is gunna flop.

swizztec(9:18:49 PM):Dude whens nerd anthem gunna drop?
xprototype05(9:18:54 PM): who knows but really the only good track on it is the one that you made
xprototype05(9:19:01 PM):im scared people arent gunna like it

You love me. Keep dick riding me faggot.

-Linx's favoritie rapper and producer

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Aug 13, 2009
9:15 PM EDT
Hip Hop - Modern
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