Crakle - Black Wolf

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Woot!Woot! finaly finished!!

Not much to say here cept im happy with it lol the filtering is bad but its like my first time using the filters anyway Enjoy ( i hope)


I used Z3ta+ + Vanguard for the lead...


Nice melody's and transitions!


Melody of the piano at the start is a bit off key. Although I like the sequencer going on after the first cymbal crash. And the lead is quite strong which suits it really nice. Build to the main part was quite simple and basic but I am glad you did it instead of mashing up things over and over again. However I don't like the lead starting at 0:38 it's really piercing my ears, I suggest EQ-ing it would help allot, put a soft clipper on it if it's still too loud.

Breakdown till main:

At 1:34 I really liked the piano melody! It was really soothing. I didn't liked the beat over it though, I suggest making a pad over it would do an amazing job! And get rid of the beat at that part. The start of the lead again was also cool, again I'd reconmend to EQ that just a little bit, since that ones also quite piercing. Overall it was quite nice to listnen to, it didn't bored me. It slightly let my foot tap on the floor, so I guess you did an great job.

5/5 9/10 - Keep it up at making tracks it will improve your skills and enhance your knowledge about creating it. And don't forget; Always experiment on new things!


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Crakle responds:

Thanks for the review ;)



Crakle responds:

ROFL maybe not the BEST song u EVER herd....but thanks alot for te support and review very apreciated


wow cool

If you use FL Studio, what sound effect do you use for the sound that comes in at
0:08. What is the sound called in FL Studio? This song sounded really cool, even though you just used a few sounds, It sounds awesome. Keep it up dude.
Make more.

Hey would you mind checking out some of my techno-trance songs? I would really like that ~XD~ seeing as urs is so good

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Crakle responds:

I just used an ordinary crash ;3 and of course ill check out your songs ;D

Thanks for the review!


Toe tapping but could improve balance / reverb

There's a great song here if you work on the mix a little more. It sounds like it has way to much reverb (especially on the accoustic piano), and the balance between the instruments is a little off to my ears. You can't hear the pads because the leads are so overpowering. The piano line also could use some velocity variation and be a little softer / more reflective. Because of the thick reverb, when *all the voices* come in at the end it sounds too muddy to make out the individual parts.

In general I am tapping my toes so keep up the good work!

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Crakle responds:

Thank you for the helpful review 8D i understand the reveb part :P but i thought id add a bit of power in the leads i guess thats why u cant hear the pad

thanks for the review


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Aug 13, 2009
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