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Penta P - I'm Raving (B0UNC3 Slam Remix)


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Length: 6:59
Uploaded 8/12/09

Penta P - I'm Raving (B0UNC3 Slam Remix)

Original demo hit NG : 11/22/2006

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Honestly, you’re next Basshunter :) Honestly! I love the basses so i am addicted to your songs <3

OK B0UNC3, so I had to dig deep and find out what my newground account was just so i can sign in and comment and say that i am a true fan , ive been listening since i was a lottt younger and im 23 now. Just know that you have fans that you dont even know about! my friends that have never been on newgrounds have your music. especially the classics, infinite love, paradise on E, polynator, bleeding heart, sound of my dream, etc. I have a ton of your stuff i didnt even know you were still making music in the recent years. Ive been producing and mixing now for years and i know you were a big inspiration. are u on soundcloud? u can find me @ "eocwoof" there. Good luck to ya just know you have more fans than you think

Thank you bounce... thank you so much for still beeing the only sound maker that can put a tear in my eyes.... i waited 4 years for this song .... i have been following you in newgrounds since 2008/2009 back in the days this was just a project and it really makes me happy that you finaly did it!!!!! you completed the song , and you never gave up on your projects....thank you for never forgetting your fans...

I love all of your songs , but this one brings me back to when i was young and scooter was still famous , makes me remember how happy i used to be back then :)

This song has everything , you perfected it... you've mastered it.... thank you ... never forget about us and never stop giving us songs like this one and all the others... i know that life changes... but never give up on this!!!

thank you for all this years of happiness listening to your songs =)


Fired up ffr again for the first time in ages, found this song on it, then came here. Absolutely love it. Keep doing your stuff.


YO BRO! iv been listening to your demo of this song for like 5 years....i didnt check on here for a while. gad damnnit. i love you

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4.71 / 5.00

Aug 12, 2009
8:25 PM EDT
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6 min 59 sec

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