The No Name Wonder

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This one took me forever...

That is all.


Melodic DnB Ftw

We have all been new at some point. And its the reviews that get us better. So here is my review. I'm giving some pointers on bass scince quarl already gave you hints on drums.

For DnB you can create bass trough various synths. IMy personal favorite is the 3osc. You use 3 different waves to get your bass, each wave is on a different frequence so you have low mid and high in your bass. And easy way to make a bass is to layer 3 squarewaves and add a little low. Layer your wave with a pure sinewave to give it extra bass.
When you master you can experiment with tools like FL chorus or Phaser. ( if you are a fruitylooper ).
The one thing you have to use is the parametric eq2 . Cut of a little low add a little mid and high. Then you can create an automation clip to increase or lower the filter from lowrange to midrange to highrange. Automate it over the timeline and you'll have your unique bass with unique reese.

The more sounds you create yourself the more unique your song will sound.

If you don't understand what I mean with the reese bass, listen to my latest song. I used one in that. Plus I might post a tutorial on youtube soon about it.

Greetz Duba

Speedfalcon responds:

I dont use FL, but I think I get the point. Thanks for the tips!


Hey, not a bad go sir! After quickly running through your other tracks, I'd like to say that you could learn a lot from the drums in this track. A primary focus of a lot of electronic genres is a good balance in the sound spectrum. Drum kits need to hit all areas of the spectrum. You got the foundations for a great sound. Try this next time you produce a track: layer more drum sounds. Find a snare piece that hits just the lows, find a snare that hits primarily highs, then grab a snare that sits in the middle. You should also grab one that adds character. Then combine them all. This will create a new snare sound out of lets say four or five different ones. It's a rough technique to try to get at first but with a little practice it will come though. You can do that for everything else on your kit too, granted I'd stick to maybe two or three different kicks... which leads me to a little bit on dynamics...

Dynamics is the softness or loudness of a sound or note. All the sounds in this piece sound like they have constant unchanging dynamics which becomes really static sounding. If you layer your drums, you can utilize all of your kicks on lets say the count of one, then come in at a later time with just one of your three kicks and that will automatically create a softer sound and a greater dynamic range overall. You can also program your drums to play at different velocities over time which might be easier to do in a song like this where there really isn't any layering going on. Dunno, try it out if you can figure it. Another way to get better dynamics I've found is to just throw some delay on to the hi hats and have them sync to the tempo. I've gotten kind of wacky with that lately though. Speaking of the hi hats, most contemporary dnb down plays them in favor of the rest of the kit. You might want to turn them down just a tad.

Just a suggestion, but you might be able to slap a bit of reverb on the lead synth melody. I hear it at the beginning but I think the instrument transposes at around 25 seconds. I'm not sure if you know how to automate yet, but if there's actually two instruments there, try slapping reverb on them so they can take up a bit more space.

I don't want to bore you/ make you read more than you already have so let's just call it a day. Overall, great song sir! Keep producing, you got skill here. Just gotta keep on keeping on :)

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Speedfalcon responds:

Thanks a Lot. This has been the most detailed, useful review I have recieved on any of my songs. I will review your tips and try to include some of the things you said the next track I do. Thanks for taking the time =).

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