Piano Nocturne

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This just came together for fun over the last few days. Comments appreciated as always.

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I really enjoyed this

It doesn't happen everyday that i find such a heartfelt piece of music. On or off Newgrounds.
I love music like this so much and because of that this review is really biased. Constructive criticism is what i should give you, but praise is what you get. And i guess you won't mind that.
Sometimes i write stories in my reviews, that fit with the song. I feel like doing that for this song.
But first, i want you to know why i love this composition.
The sound of the piano is so beautiful and warm. It is played with so much feeling and it's like you've put your soul right into this. The dynamics are excellent and the timing is too.
Now, i'll let your music create an image/story in my head.

A boy walks through a street. It's late and he should be in bed at this time.
However, he isn't in his bed. No, he walked away from his home. He walked away, to escape.
Usually, when a boy like this one walks away from home, it's because he's angry or upset with his parents.
But this boy is different. He isn't in a fight with his parents. Not even with his older sister this time.
This boy is running away, because he feels like no one understands him. He feels like he has to deal with his problems all alone, and that there is no one to help or support him.
Now it's starting to rain, but the boy doesn't seek any shelter. He just keeps on walking.
Meanwhile, his parents are very concerned. They have no clue why their little boy, whom they love so much, has walked away. The boy has never talked to them about what's bothering him, what his problems are.
It's starting to rain really hard now.
The boy starts running.
A lot of thoughts go through his head. Where should he go? Where can he go?
Suddenly, the boy stops. He completely freezes.
''Why am i running away from home?'' he asks himself.
Then he realizes that he is actually trying to run away from.. himself. His problems won't disappear. And why would he run away from the only place where he can solve his problems?
A tear rolls over his cheek when he turns around and starts walking back.
Soon he will be where he belongs. Soon, he will be home.

Well, i don't know if that made any sense, but i just typed along with the music. I hope you'll like my story and if not, i enjoyed writing it ;p
Keep up the good work!

ProudAardvark responds:

Thanks for the great in depth review and story Muss, 'much appreciated!


i have heard better, but this is still nice. soft and slow, then big and powerful, but just doesnt seem quite right somehow. great playing, though, so 4/5 for you.

ProudAardvark responds:

Hmm. Your choice of words makes your "9" fell like a "2" but... uh.. thanks I think...


it sad when this happens a great piece is blamed by an jerk people should stop blaming im gonna try to help this score every day, :)

ProudAardvark responds:

Heh, it happens :D thanks for the support!

Amazing -again!-

Your music never ceases to amaze me, each piece reflects a different atmosphere. Keep it up!

ProudAardvark responds:

Thanks so much! I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying it!


Great work Noah, and I don't agree with the below posting, I think the sharp change works brilliantly - keep it up, I'm using this in my latest animation

ProudAardvark responds:

TY! I'm looking forward to seeing it! I enjoyed the movies on your site, 'specially the horror short.

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Aug 10, 2009
1:09 AM EDT
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