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A redbull addicted meathead and an impatient guy meet a gas station attendant and a snake!

This is the first of a series of voice acting demos made by me, James Avestruz, a.k.a. Captain Comedy.

I just got an H4n, which is a great handheld recorder, and I really wanted to make a new voice demo to put here on Newgrounds.

The H4n records to SD cards, which makes it really easy for me to get in my closet (more on that in a second) and record new lines, or re-record old lines.

I recorded this all in my "recording booth," which is an empty closet with blankets lining the walls, to absorb sound reflections. It sounds like it's really picky and elite and all, but it really makes a huge difference. It gets absurdly hot in there, though, because I can't open the window (Yeah, my closet has a window. Hey, I didn't design the place.) because the birds and cars and airplanes constantly passing by my house would ruin the recordings.

I had my H4n on a microphone stand, and had a pop filter in front of the windscreen, because the H4n has two awesome, but really wind-sensitive, microphones. I started by just making up lots of voices and trying to think of anything funny I could do with them. I ended up just shouting in an angry guttural voice about making another U-turn, and since that one is kind of hacky on its own, I started adding car sounds I recorded a while ago and talking in a whiny sort of way, and turned it into this.

I wonder if my family can hear me screaming at the top of my lungs things like "That does it! HRRRRUUURRRRRGH!" I'm afraid to ask.

My friends telling me I remind them of Egoraptor and that these voices remind them of Dr. Tran. Both are awesome compliments!

All the sound effects are mine, and so is the song.

I'd appreciate comments and ratings from everyone! Thanks so much for reading!

If you want me in a project, just drop me an e-mail at CaptainComedy@gmail.com, we can get in touch!



Is the recording booth where you keep the children

Lol im jk. Good job man!

Mmm yes

Sexy. Anger is forced, but that doesn't matter, 'cause it's awesome!


LOL...I would so animate an a short using this audio if I was allowed xD

I loved it funny as hell

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CaptainComedy responds:

You're absolutely allowed, if you want to! Just link back to me! Thanks so much for the kind words!


"Hello Little Boy"
Omg this was funny
"your phone is gay like you"
good stuff he dies at the end? lol
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Aug 8, 2009
1:48 AM EDT
Voice Demo
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