Zeviron - Star Gazer

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Oki doki, so...I've been working on and off on this for around 2 weeks and I feel as though it's pretty much complete now, just mastering and EQing, maybe a few tweeks here and there :D

But anyway take a listen and tell me what you think in a review

Also any tips on how to improve the song would be great.

Thanks for listening as always.


A bit short for progressive

Even though it starts out ambient and builds, I don't think I'd call it progressive trance, but it's too drawn-out to be otherwise. The cymbal crashes are annoying, cut them back. Also, the bass hits/beat/whatever is very treble and hardly any bass, which results in "pounding" bass, as opposed to "throbbing" bass. The latter is much more pleasant, and the former is just too glaring. Pounding bass has been done to success in the past, but rarely and overall it never really brings the music /up/. So I suggest compounding the song, working on the bass to make it less treble-based and more... bass-based, and removing the cymbals. The song isn't stellar, but it's a lot better than at least 60% of the portal.

not much remains

Its good as it is, yes it does need mastering and EQ. Also, that piano at the end should be an introduction to a part 2. (part 2 should be more piano DnB like). Also, your beat could use a little bit more "oomph." As in, make it a lil more complex. And the kick, its nice but there are better ones out there that could match this song a lil better. And lastly. the melody is ok! Maybe u could add a few harmonics to it so its slight repetitiveness could be overshadowed by harmony without changing the structure of the song. But overall, you really tried!
I hope this helped. We all need critique, especially me.

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Zeviron responds:

Hey, thanks for the review.
I really like your part 2 idea...I've already done one of those, which was when I first started producing so it wasn't al that great.
Harmony is something that i'v never really thought about putting in to a song, and if i ever have it was accidental XD
But you've got some pretty good ideas that i will take into consideration, so yeah.

Well thanks for your criticism and once again for your review

Pretty good ^^

Man, your songs are always so long XD. Well, here goes...
As usual, very catchy melody, but it's quite repetitive, still. It's a long song, but it does the same thing most of the time. The intro was good, though, and the drums were really good. It fits the name extremely well, and the fade was perfect for this song. The loud booms like the one at 3:05 were very cool, I wish I heard a little more of them in the song. The bells, in my opinion, were a little too soft in most parts, and in all, the song needed a little more fullness in it. Some more synths playing together would do well, like a space-ish ambient synth and some louder bells. The buildups were awesomely done, though, and the transitions were really cool too. Overall, this song has a melody fit for a king, but it's really repetitive. Add some different melodies and some other instruments like a piano playing different melodies while the main melody is playing. Your melodies are always catchy, so if you give some more variety, this would definitely have a huge chance of entering the Top 5, in my opinion ;). Keep up the good work, and I hope to see this updated XD!

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Zeviron responds:

As my songs are long your reviews are also...which i love :D
This song still does need quite alot of work I know an dyou have pointed out some really key issues there that I didn't even consider tbh.

As I was reading your idea about ading some piano, I was thinking of some counter melodies that could work really well that I havn't thought of before.

Variety is always an issue with me, so thanks for giving me that push to make my stuff more varied :)
So thanks for the review and in around a week it will be updated, so come back and take a listen :D

Thanks again for advice and your review.

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