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Dead Of Night (II)

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Author Comments

So, it turns out this project that I had been working on a while ago that died has now been revived and is in full force again. Since the game is back in production (Dead of Night for those wondering, it's an HL2 based modification with a vampires vs slayers concept) I thought i'd have a go at re-doing the title theme/menu music of the game and try to give it a darker and considerably heavier edge this time around. Basically trying to capture the darkness and brutality that a vampire can be capable of.

Like my last few songs, this is another orchestral / heavy metal mix with a strong progressive theme. Oddly enough, this songs finale is probably one of my heaviest to date, with lots of low end and slow, powerful plodding guitars, very much in the style of todays current doom-metal acts. And it was all accomplished in standard tuning.. go figure.

Also, before any chuckleheads decide to berate me because "theres no guitar in orchestra and this belongs under (insert category here)" this songs predominant trait is based on an orchestral setup, so I stuck it under the classical section. Don't like it? Too bad!

Thanks for listening!

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How did this end up with a rating lower than 4.30? The piece has the feeling of a Resident Evil or Shadow Hearts title, and the sound as if it belongs in a war movie where it transitioning to a montage of war scenes. Good work, man. Expect more reviews from me as I go down the line of your uploaded goodies!

Rottenbeard responds:

Haha, im glad it came across as video game music at least! I don't usually compose for games, so this was actually pretty fun for me (and different). As for the rating? Meh, it's Newgrounds, zerobombers abound, especially if the music doesn't grab them in the first 10 seconds (which none of my music, will ever do)! I don't much care for the rating aside from it getting my songs more exposure. I much prefer to read reviews from users that actually took the time to listen, like you, so many thanks!

If you're going through my work though, I suggest you avoid some of my really early stuff, it's pretty bad haha ;)



All I can think of is a small marine camp just outside of Warsaw in 1989. One of the soldiers out on watch looks to the top of the hill to see not a hundred but thousands of desperate Soviet Russian tanks moving at full speed. he tries to wake his friends but only doing so by a SVD round threw his chest. Snipers had already placed themselves on the hill near the forest. A hundred thousand Russian soldiers emerge from their BMP's and bore down on the Americans their worst nightmare had finally been realized. Gru spetnaz repel from their mi-24 hind gunships a marine fires a law but missing his mark. The soldiers are scared outnumberd and cought off gaurd they open fir to what seems to be an unlimated amount of Russians. The captian requests artillery but is denied. Word got out the Russians have also launched an attack on US soil "the Russians have attacked the United States" the captian thought to himself. A flash that will burn into his heart forever he looked behind him. The Russians were not holding back they had been pushed too far they were using nuclear weopons and the same reports of such weopons were being used on America and Canada, they were out for blood. The United States and its allies but their militarys into full swing and prepare for World War 3. (sorry for the bad writing but I hope this story gives you a good feel on how dramatic your song sounds)

Rottenbeard responds:

Wow, that's a hell of a writeup! I'm really glad that my music was able to provoke such imagery for you. It's always been something of a private goal of mine to essentially allow my music to "paint" imagery in the listeners mind, whether it be through a wall of sound (as is the case in this song) or liberal use of ambiance. It gladdens me to know that i've succeeded at this with at least one person!

Thanks for the great review and writeup.



That was tasty as hell, man. It might not be what I was expecting when I clicked to browse classical music, but I'm sure glad I found it either way. You also seemed to find the perfect balance of video game music, meaning it is simple or repetitive enough to be background music, but can jump out and stand on its own if need be.

Oh, and drums and guitars originally started in an orchestral setting, so I find no problem with them returning in a different format.

Great job.

Rottenbeard responds:

Hi Naroghin, thanks for the positive feedback. I'm glad you've noticed the simplistic approach to it's composition in regards to it being menu music. Most people seem to gloss over this! The emphasis here was more on ambient layering with an aggressive ending to make the song stand out.

I've had a few people comment that the whole first half was too repetitive at which point I had to explain to them this was done on purpose since the song couldn't be too distracting given it's nature as background music.

Anyways, thanks for the review man, much appreciated.


OMG, freaking sweet!!!!

I love the whole thing, very well done!!!

Rottenbeard responds:

Thanks for the positive feedback :).


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5.00 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2009
9:04 PM EDT
File Info
3.3 MB
3 min 34 sec

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