Abyss 901 pt.1 (Flame Mesial)

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The first part of my 9 - minute masterpiece Abyss 901. If you vote, review why please.



yeah i agree the intro is the exact same as pursuit of the vikings

See as I see

Well , man ,, no offense , but

The intro , is so fucking like

"The porsuit of vikings - by Amon Amarth"

Look for it , and ya'll find it , and hopefully will like also .. xD



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about another review

Hello flame mesial guy - about the other review I did - yes I was too harsh since you're only 14 and still learning and going through puberty etc. And do I think NIN is "real metal"? I don't believe I ever said that. If you want real metal check out strapping young lad, pantera, superjoint ritual, Nile, Ministry etc etc etc. And about you saying I'm talentless - well I've been playing guitar drums and piano since I was 11. I also do vocals. I've recorded fuckloads of music (for myself). And I started on a cassette setup just like you and quickly realized it's not gonna work, so I moved on to a proper setup (which is still a bit imperfect but adequate). So no - I'm not jealous of your work, I merely stated my opinion (that's why you posted it on there was'nt it - to get reactions from people??) I DID NOT mean to offend you at all. I posted my review before I realized you were 14. So your quitar playing for a 14-year-old is pretty good. And by the way - Mudvayne is not metal either. Carry on!

To get better quality recordings (and to speed up the recording process) - get a PC or a Mac (they don't have to be top of the line) and get some software like Cubase or fruityloops or Cooledit or soundforge, any cheap tracker for starters, Logic, protools etc. Believe me it'll greatly enhance your options as well as allowing your creative ideas to manifest. Good luck!

FlameMesial responds:

Firstly, I'm truly sorry for taking your last review too seriously and too offensive (I really did work hard on the song). This might be hard to believe (because I'm 14) but I was pissed and I get quite violent when I'm drunk.

Secondly I just believed that NIN was your example of real metal because they're one of your favourite bands. Pantera, Superjoint etc rock dood! If you mentioned them as real metal I'd understand a little more...
...It's not my fault if my cover of Port Town wasn't metal, it's not my song! It's a cover of a Nintendo game!

Thirdly (?) MUDVAYNE IS METAL. Anything with lots of distortion, screaming vocals and kick ass drums is metal.

Fourthly (?) I did record Port Town on Cubase believe it or not and I spent £250 on a drum machine (that you said sounded tinny) and that's a lotta money in my standards.

Fithly (?) If you post your music (at least 1 or 2 songs) on Newgrounds I'll be able to judge your talent (If you've been playing for that long you must be fuckin amazin).

Sixthly thanks for apologising for being a little age-est. I appreciate that.

Seventhly thanks for saying I'm a good musician for 14 years old (it could be insulting in a way though).

Yes maybe it was shabby but you should check out my death to crazy frog if you want my best quality yet.

I can't exactly thank you for your compliments on this song because you said nothing about it.

Sorry for the nasty as fuck things I said dood.


that was insane.

FlameMesial responds:


cool, i liked it.

cool song. sound quality needs some work, but none the less, the song is pretty good. the drums sounded sort of subtle, and the beggining of the solo sounded kind of choppy, but it fit well with the song, which is important. anyway, cool track...

FlameMesial responds:

Thanks dood, with the sound I don't record straight into the computer I record on a cassette first which does something to the quality (if this is a problem in any way, you might not want to hear my earlier work). Changing the subject, I tried to get the 'space feel' like solar-system style music where it would fit in if you imagined the solar system while listening to the main riff (you'd be surprised). Thanks for the 9!

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Jun 11, 2005
1:02 PM EDT
Heavy Metal
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