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FF | Placid Vibes

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http://freddyfinger.bandc amp.com - free album downloads (remove space in url)

Just sit back and whistle.

8-6-09 : Changed vocal around some

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*sight*. oh freddy.

cant explain how chill this is. the vocals are actually THE perfect touch to this song. you have the perfect ear for matching vocals to your beats i have learned. love how you pick up the beat at 3:26. so ima hurry up and review this so i can stop listening to this before i just quit makin beats all together. more reverb on the snare, make it louder maybe? i cant really tell if it has any because of the poor sound quality on my dads laptop right now. on the measures where you change up the drum beat, i would have added another snare after the secnd instead of a high hat but thats just what i like to do with my kits sometimes. awesome track freddy :)

freddyfinger responds:

Yeah I agree with the reverb on the snare, i'm probably gonna go back in and add some more. Always like ur reviews man, thanks for the honesty :)


I have a question: Are you aware of how talented you are?

I love this song. It's sooo chill. Vocals were sampled perfectly, and really spiced up the beat a lot. I agree with kjhsdgf... it would be a great idea to start sending some stuff into labels when you feel you're ready. You're really, really good dude.

I love listening to your stuff, man. Keep it. I'm so glad I discovered you!

freddyfinger responds:

nah, i never really thought i was that good enough to send some of my stuff to some labels haha. thanks a lot for the kind words, i'm flattered :D check out the artists in my favorites also, they make some really great beats too!

send some stuff into labels

you might catch a break!
although your style is more blues-y, maybe you could bring it back!
it like to hear more progressive basslines from you, becasue some of your songs only have dabs of bass, and it would sound better (to me) if the bass plucked more and strung farther, or had a more complicated rythm.

freddyfinger responds:

thanks, that'd be awesome but i'd probably have to get a little better heh. yeah i usually keep the bass brief because of the repetitiveness nature of the old school beats. i can try to work on something more progressive, maybe for some funky stuff.

Godammit you are too good at this =P

Seriously, your beats are just so relaxing and have such a nice flow to them. And I like how more and more of you guys are influenced by old films and songs and how you incorporate them into your songs. I honestly hear more talent on this site that needs to be discovered and replace the current stagnant MTV crap. Keep them coming man \m/

freddyfinger responds:

thanks a lot, feedback always motivates me more. yeah there is some talent on here, hopefully they'll make it big someday!

The samples work perfectly together

I'm digging the marimba feel. Also, when the drums cut out at 3:00 you've got the brushes quiet in the background, bring 'em up a bit in my opinion, I like them! Also, I feel like that trumpet sample should be longer, can you sample more of it? Yup. Feel free to reject everything I just said though, I'm just trying to give some constructive feed back. Like always, this song is a damn fine. I'll definitely have it on a play list of songs to practice writing to, if anything good comes out of it I'll let you know.

freddyfinger responds:

thanks, feedback is always appreciated. yeah the snare brush would sound pretty good. it goes with the vibraphone sample though so it might be kind of difficult to do so without cranking the vibraphone sound up loud too. i'll see what i can do about it though. i could add the trumpet near the end before the volume goes down...how long would you like it? i'd love to hear a song you write to this so definitely let me know something if you do!

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Aug 5, 2009
10:37 AM EDT
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