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Aug 5, 2009 | 1:12 AM EDT
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Rated 3.88 / 5 stars
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Hip Hop, Rap, R&B - R&B

Author Comments

Yo... exclusive shit for them ladies but feedback from anyone is appreciated.. LastEncore made this beat but you won't find it anywhere ;) it's called Drop dem draws as you can see.. we got Me on the first verse, Me on the choruses, MPZ in alot of the adlibs (He also took care of alotta of the echoin and shit) Grimcredible took ova the second verse then I got back in at the end with MPZ. Here's tha lyrics.. Hope you all enjoy.


Verse 1

Shawty drops them draws, With the Mack on call
We can hide under the covers girl, ((we can get lost))
Ima show you why the hood call ya boy The Mack
Have ya ready 11:50 be my midnight snack

Ain't the player type.. be only mine, i'll be only yours
((unless ya wantcha friend to join))(yo girl can join), cuz then of course (uh huh)
i'ma be generous and share, Respect it all
You and anotha shawty with me, droppin them draws

It's all gravy (baby) I'ma get it how i'm posed to get it
Wet, warm and ready to ride.. its how im posed to feel it
Give it to how ya want it, tell me when to jump up on it
Put ya on top and ((bring tha thang down on it)) (Bring that thing down...)

Get nasty.. (so nasty) There ain't a limit to the sex game
Passionate or rough its all the same damn thang
Show me why I chose and why you gots no flaws
Bring it over here girl ((betta drop them draws))

Mack (MPZ in adlibs)
Chorus x2

I want you in the bedroom ((oooh girl..))
So you can take off all those clothes..
And you can drop them draws fo me..
((Baby we'll be on a roll..))
My lady when dem draws come off from you.. (ooooohooooooooh)
That thang is all mine and girl you know what it's time to do... (oooohoooooooh)(God.. Damn)


God damn, Ya body, girl it's incredible
To ya man Grimcredible, that thang look edible(I wanna eat it all up now)
got you in the bedroom, and things get physical
((drop dem draws)), you gon lemme get into you

im feelin you, and i know you feelin me too
((My neck hairs is standin, from picturin you))(you)
((naked))(oooh yeeeeaaaaah), you aint never gon have to fake it
through the night, i ain't think you gon make it

u wont be upset, when we both done, knocked out
layin in the bed, no covers, hit the ((spot now))
them draws been dropped, and this shit got hot
since we off the dance floor and in the lot(lot now)

we gon be exhausted,
you aint never gon hafta think that i lost it(Ohh yeeaaaah...)
I aint frontin, im makin up for what you got me lost in(Ooooh Yeeeaaah...)
you flossin, damn girl, lemme stop talkin..

Mack (& MPZ in adlibs)

Girl you know just who to call..(Call..)
when you feelin in the mood to drop them draws..(Draws..)
I'ma go ahead and beat that thanng up...(Yeeaaah..)
Cuz I'm her numba one fuuuuck...(Yeaaahh...)
And bayyybay when them draws come off from (you..)
That thang is all mine and girl you know jus what to do....(Doooooo...)

Chorus x1



Shawty jus drop dem draws fo me...
you know just what to do...
Shawty jus drop dem draws fo me...
I'll put it all on you....
And baby when dem draws come off from you...
I'm bound to put it down girl I'll give it all to you....

Once again.. hope you all enjoy.



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It's good, but not for me.

I love the beat and the how you made the whole thing flow. I will be honest I would only listen to this if I go hot and dirty to my woman. There is no other reason for me to listen to it other wise. Appreciate putting down the lyrics too.

It's good man, don't get me wrong. I just don't think this is for me or my music folder, but you do what you do well bro. Keep up the good work.

Mackity responds:

I can respect that, can't please em all. Make sure you throw it on before you beat it up and shit fa sho tho lmao ;)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

damn mack

i got this
"now its all on you"
"no worries"
all on my ipod fam

about a collabo
we needa do it

Mackity responds:

Yoo good lookin out homie, if u wanna collab tell me what you tryna make... gimme a topic a beat and what not and ill come up wit somethin lol


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Yeah that's the terrible version of that song...

Damn I sent you the one without the samples...damn...I'm fucking up. Shit banging though.

Mackity responds:

Oh look, the n***a who made it all happen arrives.. but yeaaah you told me it was just a preview beat but i was in love with the shit T.T


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Utter shit

Though I give one star because the "ooooh yeaaahhh" at ~1:35 is reminiscent of Roger and Zap. The whiney sounding guy that starts at 1:18 makes me want to punch everyone involved in this shit.

Last, "Mack" is so very mid 90s. Just sayin'.

Mackity responds:

suck a fuckin cock, you come talkin bout some "u get a 1 cuz 2 words u sang sound like some old singer" wtf ? go die faggot and the second voice dont sound quite whiney to me. but whateva yo jus keep suckin cock. My name.. Mack.. was given cuz how I do thangs.. and I would definatly much rather be mid 90s than present.. cuz music sucks now.. the 90s is when music was the shit so whateva man.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


this sounds like all dis professional T-Pain shit.
Lyrics = 10
Beat = 10
Chorus = 10
Production = 10

Please, where did you get the vocoder or auto tuner effect that made MPZ sing like that in the chorus. If you could tell i would be very happy.

-Review Request Club

Mackity responds:

Lol, antares auto tune. and thats me on t3h chorus. MPZ did like adlibs and background singin.. and like.. did a whole bunch of behind the scenes shit.. that made this shit so perfect... glad you liked it tho.