Power Cookies (3min 34sec)

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Eat them. By the way, today is my birthday! I'm 20! YAY


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I love this song.. but this reply is not about this song....

Ok, to all of you guys out there.... (the people that vote 0)... Why do you do this? The fact that a 0 is a little harsh to vote for a song like Implications... I voted a 5 and then it went up to 2.50.... wow... Implications is probably one of the best he made so far and one would vote 0... If you are a Hip Hop fan or Rock fan, dont vote for a song that is Trance or something like that. Dont even vote.... if your gunna vote, then vote at least a 1... or give him pity and vote a 2...

I'm here for you Admiral... go ahead.. lean your head on my shoulder :P

Great song by the way

0 Third 0 Nut 0

AdmiralConquistador responds:

Thanks dude, I left my 2 cents on the reply to your review on "Implications". Your support is appreciated 10000%.


Pretty Good

So, I Can Tell You Tried Hard On This... (Or Ripped OFf Someone Loops). It's Good Except the amount of sounds overlaying each other are too many. What you should have is a bass line a treble line (for vocals if you want) and then some efects (you have 2 many efects meaning added parts to the bass line and treble.) But very good though, soon enough i'll be submitting my stuff so return the favor :P!

AdmiralConquistador responds:

You like starting off on the wrong foot? I didn't rip anyone's loops off... there's no such thing as a "treble line" it's called a melody or lead or in some cases vocals like you say. I don't believe I mistakenly used too many layers of sounds, I made the soundscape "fat" as I call it. And I just listened to it, the vast majority of the time it's just an accompanying effect, a bassline, a lead, and the drums. Don't worry, I won't be biased when I review your songs, I'll be completely honest. Thanks for taking the time to review and listen though, I appreciate it(except the ripping off bit)



nice! beginning not that good tho

origional, rucklo style shit.

cool how it goes from high pitched down to a low bass kick thing.

lots of FX on this, some seem kinda recognizable, but idk from what synth.

if you like makin music like this you should look for
and Joykiller

they are VST synthesizers that pwn for FX.

if u don have them and cant find them message me on msn or aim

Msn- Demonslayer326@hotmail.com
Aim- SiSiMeN313

ill send em to yah.

great stringing with a really cool experimental feel, this is like a category all of its own, i think this would sell if u found urself a decent music label!

people like hearin new stuff an this is no exeption.

nice lil acid part, i never been a fan of acid tho cuz it sounds the same.

AdmiralConquistador responds:

Thanks man, I spoke to you on AIM about most of those things... however for those who didn't know... The entire song is built in FL studio with ONLY, EXCLUSIVELY the 3xOSC synthesizer. Fun, creating sounds. I'm glad you liked it man, and I'm looking forward to collabing with you, and can't wait to hear your remix on Fleets. Oh, and thanks for the compliments about this being able to sell if I had a music label, that's VERY encouraging!


Milk and cookies oh me oh my

Wow, and to think, I'm eating cookies while listening to it! (dont forget the milk!)

AdmiralConquistador responds:

Haha. You are eating the power cookies... That's what I'm talking about.


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Jun 8, 2005
5:33 PM EDT
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