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[DJ_ITD] - Feel Real?

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Author Comments

Just another little Trance loop. Didn't work TO hard on this one (or to long for that matter). I know it's kinda long for a loop, but it is what it is.

DJ InTheDark

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I Love The Song Name

Ahh..Life. The primal essence of our health, and growth capacity, may it be physical,
or mental. It whispers to us, never reassuring to our doubts we have of it,only to embrace the blueprints,
of hope we command ourselves to lead with. We diligently enlighten ourselves, as the days pass us by like cars
as we walk down long, stretching roads. Contemplating on the minor complaints we all so happily carry, not through purposeful agendas,
but merely through the great wall of emotions we all bare. Emotions, can be light as a feather, while at other times it could become heavier
than a 60K weight. It boundlessly tempts us to do insane actions, causing our eyes, mind, and soul to completely
hit the lockdown button. Sometimes, you can't get out of it without another's perspective, and true insight.
When one is blinded by their own strength and might, it could prevent them from even moving. Not physically
of course, but the mind's honorable order we all should go by. Our ego, is possibly a great subject to relate to a bomb.
If you don't stop it, it just becomes bigger and bigger, aswell as having the fuse slowly shorten through time.
Not only that, this bomb is only to be defused vicariously, by the time it explodes continuously in the matter of seconds,
is the time your eyes have been eclipsed from valor's echoes. So if you, or anyone you think has an inflated ego, I would
indoubtably, indubatably, surely, inevitably stop them before it is too late. Paying attention to your
surroundings in life is one thing, paying attention to the silouettes of our surroundings is another.
Frankly, I am highly discontent of our frivolous perspectives in life. Everybody's views of things are so different,
not in a great way either. It's making earth's life the biggest trench in the entire universe. Our minds, are broken.
Our opinions are just another weapon of destruction, our eyes of deceit is just exponetially decreasing the
innocence left in this world. People are feeble, those who are innocent are the one's who deserve to obtain such
important stages in life. Such as jobs ; families ; careers. If you allow these zombies, and just corrupted imbeciles rise above,
they will influence the rest of the world. You see, us humans. We work in a very complex pattern. We psychologically impair our
imperfect ways, because when we see people higher than us, we quickly judge under our skin. Them, aswell for us. These girls who watch TV,
thinking these women are SO much beautiful than they are. It's simply an incompetent way of living. How can you misjudge yourself? You were
not born to hide yourselves under heavier lies. Why live as a fake? Is it even living? People need to stop hiding their faces..
I rather speak to your reflection, than your mask's advocate. Just think about it. People, who work day in, and day out to their last breath
can get the same job as a couch potato, who is utterly arrogant, with no sense of respect for anybody, even their selfbeing. Tell me that
does not piss you off to any point. If it doesn't, you are simply one of them, or you are just not human. No matter how patient you can be
these people rise without anything to give, while those who fall can give all they've got. This world, lives under a red sky. It mortally,
descretely speaking in it's primal bellows of despair. Us people, our union. It forms this world. The surroundings, and atmospheres doesn't
make this world, a world. People do. Only in a predetermined sense. What we are doing right now it's just downright dreadful. You know whats
harder than facing near death experience? Being innocent. Here, I will elaborate what potential derives from the greatest challenge in life.
1.You cannot do anything wrong.2.You cannot lie, you can't hide.3.You are to be strong, and honorable.4.Can't create any type of difference in yourself.
5.You have to fight against billions of people.6.Not only do you have to fight, and stand for your rightousness. You have to bare the pains in
your chest through all the cries of people's helplessness.. :/

djInTheDark responds:


Not much to say to that.

Or that, or that...


It´s good for a loop, I think you´re good at this, keep it up :)
Maybe I should try this too, I love trance so why not give it a try... What program should I use?

djInTheDark responds:

Thanx a lot, glad you like it!

I would always recommend MadTracker to anybody. It's free and easier to use than most other programs (PM me if you want the details). And once you start composing some Trance, be careful... This track in particular is border lining the old 90's progressive, which people on this site are extremely annoyed by.

Have fun and good luck!
DJ InTheDark


Ok the title got me smirked yes for real I will give you 9 for that even if melody is rather just boring backtrack

djInTheDark responds:

Yeah I always did think the tune was a tad repetitive in it's self. As for the tittle, my friend gave me the idea for a it a while back. Tried to use it for his song but he said it didn't fit.

Glad you like it! (I think),
DJ InTheDark

For real

Is this song for real like seriously this is Dabomb right here man dude keep it up man your great at this.
I'm slowly progressing.......


djInTheDark responds:

Thanks a lot glad you like it, I aim to please!

DJ InTheDark


Noicee i liked it at the start for its bass then shortly added more nice mix a like it 9/10 5/5

djInTheDark responds:

Thanx a lot, so many helpful reviews today!

Credits & Info


4.71 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2009
1:14 AM EDT
File Info
3.4 MB
2 min 13 sec

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Please contact me if you would like to use this in a project. We can discuss the details.