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i decided to put this in ambient, although it does have alot of drum and glitch stuff going on

Eidolons are ghosts,or spirits, or whatever you want to call them

please vote and review

Peace Out


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A really nice sounding piece of ambience that sounds great in its own right even before the glitches towards the end, which were a little jumbled but absolutely worthwhile keeping in the track.

I think that it's probably a little too 'happy' and upbeat to remind me of ghosts and spirits - that subject always seemed more morbid than you've portrayed it, but that's a question of perspective in the end. I think that the beat could certainly become more powerful in this piece, giving a better feeling of togetherness and completing the track nicely.

[Review Request Club]

SessileNomad responds:

the topic of spirits is def. a perspective sort of thing

as far as the beat being more powerful, power is sort of a personal thing as well, could mean many things to differnt ppl

the main thing that i was proud with the beat about was that it was a loop that i created by myself, which i had never done b4, i was exploring new grounds with this track

Nice use of glitches

Score: 9 / 10
Summary: Nice use of glitches
Review: I really liked your use of glitches, even though they, at times, threw me off.

Really a great track, not as relaxing as your other one, but still a great song.

I like the intro, and I love it when we first hear the glitching. Took me by surprise, and that's usually a good thing. It was a bit overdone at times, but still, very well used.

I actually liked the outro, thought it might've ended a little sudden. I'm not sure what you could do to fix it or make it better, so you might as well just leave it as is. The transitions were, as far as I could hear, pretty, much flawless.

Great instruments, love the background tune and the piano, and the rhythm ws great, especially when combined with the glitch.

-=Review Request Club=-

SessileNomad responds:

if i threw you off with the glitches, my job here is done xD

Starts very slow

This starts off very slow. But this isn't a bad thing. I just felt that it was "slow" for too long. So I think letting the transition that currently happens at around 0:53 happen a few tacts earlier would sound better.

Also the outro is again a bit weird. Maybe a simple fade out would sound better. But on the other hand, fade outs are overused and maybe I would complain about it if you had used a fade out. ^^

Other than that, the song is really amazing! Nice meldoies and some great choice of instruments.

{ Review Request Club }

SessileNomad responds:

i hate fade outs, i only use them as a last resort xD

slow is ok to me, but we all got out different tastes

peace out


Wow, very good!

Ambient and glitch... how do you pull off such amazing genre combinations? Really good job!

This song has a great melody which fits really well with ambient but doesn't get boring. A great choice of instruments too. The piano was a little too high pitched though. Moving it an octave lower or at least adding some piano in the bass and some chords would even it out. The glitch instruments were great, on the other hand.

The transitions all fit very well with the song so there's no problem there. The transition to introduce the glitch instrument at 1:17 really rocked and the intro was amazing, but the ending felt wierd, ending on that note. On the bright side, the buildups were great, and so was 1:43.

Drums were built up very well in the song, but are slightly simple and repetitive. Still, the drum samples were OK :).

In all, a very creative and interesting mixture of genres. I'm impressed by what you managed to do with glitch and ambient instruments. Keep it up!

-Review Request Club-

SessileNomad responds:

i think some bass notes would have been a bit nice in the song, looking back now, but its too late for that

i pull off ambient and glitch by listening to a bit of The Flashbulb, and Aphex Twin, and then i try to ad my own twist to stuff

im glad you liked this little track

peace out


~ Review Request Club ~

Here is another pretty good piece. Can't find anything wrong with it as it sounds really good all around. The glitches kind of caught me off guard, but hey that's what you want in a song sometimes so people don't know what to expect. Pretty good original sound to it all around and you mixed in a couple of good genres together that perhaps you wouldn't normally expect to hear together in the way you had them.

Good beat all around and sometimes it was fast/action like and in other parts it was slower/more relaxing.

~ Review Request Club ~

SessileNomad responds:

ambient/glitch is really a genre that i think is a aquired taste, so i wouldnt be surprised if ppl were caught off guard

originality is a big thing to me, its hard to pull of somtimes though

peace out


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Jul 27, 2009
7:27 PM EDT
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