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[KgZ] Jurs OP 4

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This is my first time at a hiphop groove, I wrote it for a friend who lives on the Jur-sey shore. Pretty chill stuff.

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relaxing ! idling! me gusta

Pure bliss...

The guitar was genius, the woodblocks set a nice tone, and your piano skills come in for the kill... I always like relaxing, yet energetic and you did it nice on this piece.
This reminds me of a song that's also on this site...uhhh... I can't remember the exact name of it or even who wrote it, but it was a nice "The Girl From Ipanema" remix

A nice, relaxing song

Finally, my review's here, sorry you had to wait so long;
Well, there isn't much to say, since there's only a few instruments and the melody stays the same... The guitar (?) was very good, so is the piano, both very well played, and the percussion smoothly joins the beach ambiance. The melody has a great rhythm, very calm and relaxing at once. Wasn't too fond of the piano, but that's just my personal taste, otherwise it's well played. It's funny because I just realized that the beat actually sounds like a powerful hip-hop beat :P.
I'll just skip to the scene, since I totally ran out of things to say;
The sky goes black, night falls on a distant cuban beach, far from the city.
On that beach, lays a small open bar, which just turned on its moody night lights. Some people have just arrived, just in time for happy hour. Some are local cubans, others are rich people from florida, looking for a nice time and drink. The dark orange light behind the waiter at the bar gives him a dark mysterious silhouette. At that time of night we can hear people laughing and chatting, the music, and the waves, slowly crashing on the beach... Some of the people hang in the bar, talking, while others venture towards the night and waves with a glass of martini in their hand.
Hanging out on the beaches at night is always great, why not try it one evening and stop by this cuban bar?
Hope this scene suits you,



I can't really find anything wrong with this, except for maybe a slightly short length. It sounds really well done!

The melody is catchy, and if you close your eyes you're instantly taken to a tropical beach with music going on and people basking in the hot sun. The piano also compliments the song very well, and has that sort of 'relaxed' feel. The piano solo in the middle was excellent. The drums were also really good. Woodblock was a great addition, and the beats were catchy. I liked how you managed to find a cross between Hip Hop and tribal. Still, I'll have to agree with PoyzenJam that I think this needs some congas to it. Intro was great though, it's as if you were hearing the song from far away.

Anyway, here's the scene. I'm taking GX3's place while he's on holiday, I hope you like my first ever scene...


'I have to get away from the busy city life' John thought to himself as he accelerated through the motorway. As he left the city, he smiled to himself when he heard the familiar noises of car horns and people chattering starting to fade away. After a half an hour drive, he finally made it to his destination. It was a late July morning, and the sun was at its brightest. He passed through a few trees and bushes, and it wasn't long before he heard some muffled music. He passed through a large leaf, he heard the music clearly, and he saw a large and resplendent tropical beach.

The beach was beautiful. Children were playing along the seashore, and everyone was getting the most of the warm and welcoming sun. The music immediately put John at ease. He touched the sea, and the temperature was just right. Everything seemed perfect in this tropical paradise.

He found a spot under a leaning tree, put his suncream on, laid his towel, sighed, lied down and forgot about all of his problems. The sound of the waves gently crawling onto the seashore relaxed him. He stretched, and knew that he had a relaxing day ahead of him. He slowly closed his eyes, letting the calm and relaxing soundscape drift him off into a light sleep. No more city. No more problems. Paradise.


Sorry for such a short scene, it's my first :(. Hope you liked it; if you didn't GX3'll make one for you when he gets back from his holiday I suppose. Anyway, I hope my scene isn't too bad, and great job with the song!

-Review Request Club-


It all matches, it is successful in portraying particular 'feel' within the music. Goodness, I feel like I'm in an elevator, almost. One mark off because the bass is somewhat soft for hip-hop, but then again, it's finew the way it is.

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4.87 / 5.00

Jul 27, 2009
10:02 AM EDT
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