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Well, when I was bored, the idea of this song came through my head, and well so I did pick up my guitar and started to record, so this is what I got. Tell me if you like it ^^. And thanks a lot for listen to.

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I'll review as I listen.

Hmm, rock? Hooray.

Start on one note, diversify on :17. Cool melody actually, props, it sounds almost familiar but I wont dock or anything. Oh, guitar solo on :41. Nice job. Kind of noodly from the :50- 1:00 part, you could make that more concise + powerful. Gets better 1:00 to 1:10, then noodles around again until around :30. Noodels more, gets better at :40, noodles at 50. Wow, this review is coming out really stupid. :D Sorry about that.

You're halfway to a good riff there, just make it more concise, hit the high notes, and make it stand out more as well (it almost seems like it's hiding - don't have your melody hide if it's a good one!)

2:10 and we're reminded of the opening riff, cool idea, and then we go into .. synth pads? Awesome choice!

JohnQ4 responds:

Hey thanks for your review, it's very objetive =), I'll take your advices and apply them on my next compositions =).


wow this is amazing!!!!!!! just the style i love, perfect!!! are you a fan of jerryc?

JohnQ4 responds:

Thanks a lot!, I'm glad tha you like it.
Yeah Jerry C made very cool version of the Canon, and of course is a very good and talented guitarrist, but I'm not really a fan of him, my main inspiration is Joe Satriani =D!


You win my props.
Only thing i didn't like was the ending, other than that, very catchy riffs, kept me hooked.

JohnQ4 responds:

Thanks a lot for listen to my song ^^, I'm glad that you like it.
And about the ending, well, I want to link it to another song, that's why I put that ending/beginning.

It rocks!!

Yesss!! Finally, a real ROCK song that I hear on NG! Good job, man! It purely expresses the genre. You had some good inspiration when you played the guitar and the drums display is also very well organized, in my opinion ( by the way, FL Studio is one of the best DAWs and it surely excels in drums ;) ).
You have skill, keep it up! :)

JohnQ4 responds:

Thanks a lot man!, your comment is really encouraging =).
And yeah... I couldn't agree more that FLStudio is one of the best DAWs.

Why the low score?!

This is definitely nice and deserves an average of 4/5 or above. It's bullshit that music like this gets a 3.32. Seriously.

Anyway, I must say that this was excellent. I just LOVED the combination of the two guitars at around 1:00. The drums did their job very nicely. The whole structure was a pleasure to the ears... very good. There wasn't even a second that made me dislike this piece.

The conclusion was a soothing surprise that made me want MOAR. Honestly, it would've been an awesome build-up to a totally different tune with the guitar. I'd have a bunch of ideas, but I'm not sure they'd fit with your kickass guitar.

The only flaw (if I'd dare call it that way) was that the volume was too low, but that means absolutely nothing (just turn up the volume... duh). I'm just saying it as a tip since usually some idiots tend to dislike a piece because "it isn't loud enough"... go figure.

Anyway, EXCELLENT job. I wish I had a much higher level so I would outweigh the 3's they gave you.


JohnQ4 responds:

Hi there!

First of all, thank you very much for the comment and the amazing score!

Well, I'm conscious about the low rate... in music, as in many other things, people have different tastes, and for sure my song didn't fit with them at all... it's not too different from the real world,
But I'm really glad that you like it =), It's a pleasure to know that my song was a pleasure to your ears. That makes me feel really great.

About the volume, hmmm, I don't know why it happens, in FL the sound always appears to be saturated, but when I export to an MP3, the volume diminishes very much, then I use Audacity to arrange that but... it doesn't seem to be very helpful xD.

And bout' the bunch of Ideas that you have, well... I listen to your music and I say "Holy cow!, what a versatile guy" I used to make video game music too, yeah like 3 years ago, and really, my video game music next to yours is like crap xD.
Sure would've be fun to try that ideas. The music is about get fun anyway ;).

Thanks again. Soon I'll be uploading more of my tunes ^^

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4.75 / 5.00

Jul 20, 2009
5:58 PM EDT
General Rock
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