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Zero Bombers Pwned!

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Author Comments

zero bombers are dick heads, so i wrote a quick little something. its quick and influenced by Yhatzee, Zero punctuation as you can tell. so if the words are to quick to hear then you can scan the script below. :D

This is a voice message for all the guys who vote zero for no reason at all...
Basically... you all contracted aids when you where babies... you got raped by your own rectums, you suck prawns off for fun and have a complex that leads you into having sexual thoughts about your own mothers, YOU fucking perverts....
I really do appreciate you taking the effort to move the mouse, with your fat chubby cock fingers you enourmouse sack of shit, but lets not forget you voted 0!
Why is this... perhaps you vote zero because you have everything in common with this number... you're a fat juicy nothing with a dick on your head and your just jealous because you cant make a basic drum loop and simple chord progression....and so you click zero to give yourself a feeling of self worth...because if you vote zero it means they are worse than you doesn't it?
I mean don't get me wrong, of course I appreciate you put down the cheese burger for a fucking minute just so you could go to the effort of voting zero, but why not vote five instead!
You could help the users of this site out by leaving useful reviews and helpful advice... voting five will encourage younger musicians to make more music and improve, where as voting zero is just vindictive twattish behaviour sponsored by Nazis and Atilla the hun.
When you zero bomb someone you cause them to go into a depression and they will slice up there arms like lemon rind and eventually kill themselves by boring them selves to death.. my grandma made a song and submitted it to Newgrounds...she got a bad review and then she died of cancer...
Now how do you feel.
The bible teaches us that you reap what you sew and if you sew the seeds of seimen by voting zero, you will end up eating the seimen as well.. you cock sucking vagina rejecting, epidemic closet case ...
If you are a pussy and want to vote zero for no reason then please do so... you fucking pussy...but you will get what you deserve...
How ever if you are daring enough and have the bollocks to leave an abusive review I would love to read it...and then flag it... because I am a cock like that
thank you so much for listening whilst your blowing off your dog you cheesedick. Heres a cleanex to wipe off the mutt cum ......
Get a real life and stop down voting peoples shit.
Or alternatively Please vote 0 to prove that I am right

This has been a stalagmite production. And you're a prick if you are a zero bomber.


one below

wow it is irony lol love this. its so true with all the zero bombers with no life. love your work. how do you do it?

Stalagmite responds:

ha, reaper and ideas that people can relate to! ^ ^ thanks man! thanks so much!


i gave you a zero

Stalagmite responds:

lol ^ ^ irony.

This...is the end of zero bombing.

As soon as any zero bomber idiot listens to this, the bitch'll probably pass out, thinking,"HE KNOWS!!! AAAHHH!". Then the fatass suffers from cardiac arrest and dies, and all of Newgrounds attends his funeral, laugh, and dance on his grave.

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Trying my best!

Absolutely legendary is this, I'm trying my very best to put this to flash at the minute but its so fast I cant help but just laugh at my currently feeble attempts to keep up with you.

Anywho, you really need to do much more of these service announcements, funny as hell.

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Stalagmite responds:

LOL, well you know i just might do that ^ ^ thanks for your support and i cant WAIT to see the production !

The truth hurts.

The truth hurts badly, and i hope the zero-bombers bleed to death.
I recently got zero-COMMENTENTED some selfish pigfucker with no fucking life or goal in any goddamn instance of time and space, and the single word he said was: "fail." I posted the url to your song, and from now i feel happy :D.
Thank you. You did the insluting for me :P.

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Stalagmite responds:

hehe. yeah that guy is a real C U Next Tuesday eh? nothing wrong with a fairly placed, polite and justified vote of zero. but clearly he was being unreasonable and trying to upset you.
as well as breaching the rules of review... ignore him. but linking to this song is ideal! :D he will enjoy it. muchly. :D

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4.09 / 5.00

Jul 20, 2009
12:14 PM EDT
Voice Demo
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1.1 MB
1 min 26 sec

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