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Pie Hopes

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Author Comments

This is the first official piece by Organic Cucumber.
This was a live recording done on Skype in one take with complete imrpov with some pre-written lyrics. Featuring the bassline from Ich Bin Einen Hund.

Lyrics - MrSaint
Pie Lover - Tardom
Sandwich Sympathiser/Narrator2 - MrSaint
Narrator 1/Keys/Peacemaker - Assassin2

This is a story of the problems faced with cultural differences in modern society. Well, not really.

Join Organic Cucumber. Visit our page for more info and send us a PM.

- Here are the lyrics, by MrSaint -

Narrator 1:
A story, about 2 guys. One loves pies and the other hates it.

Pie Lover:
"Good day my dear, chap!"

Sandwich Sympathiser:
"Yeah, what's up?"

Pie Lover:
"I am feeling great, And you know? You know what I ate?!"

Sandwich Sympathiser:
"A turkey? A steak? A sandwich?"

Pie Lover:
"Hahaha, you wish! I ate a pie!"

Sandwich Sympathiser:
"Oh my!!! But they aren't tasty at all?"

Pie Lover:
"Nope my dear friend, you're just to young and small To understand how tasty it is"

Sandwich Sympathiser:
"Hey hey, don't be hasty, I tried pie, and I almost died, It didn't taste good. I prefer some other food"

Pie Lover:
"Then instead of pie, what do you prefer?"

Sandwich Sympathiser:
"To be fair, I say like sandwiches!"

Pie Lover:
"Oh my, this annoying word, Is a disgrace of our language!"

Sandwich Sympathiser:
"No it's not! And by the way it's tasty, much tastier than pie!"

Pie Lover:
"The last one who ignored my pie, already died! So choose your words carefully my friend!"

Sandwich Sympathiser:
"Oh so in the end, You want to fight? Oh, alright, I'll prove you that the sandwich is the best, And the rest, Is pure failure!

Pie Lover:
"Bring it on, fool"

"Whoa whoa wait up people, Calm down a little, Why do you fight? Lets better try, Combining the sandwich and pie!"

Pie Lover:
"Is safe? I am scared of his sandwich"

Sandwich Sympathiser:
"Seriously, I am more afraid of his pie, which, Tastes very bad!"

"Relax lads, it'll work out"

Narrator 2:
So. After combing the sandwich and pie, Those guys, Created a pie sandwich, Which, They ate, After that becoming best mates...


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Bass line from "I am a dog" huh?

A story about 2 guys. One guy loves pies and the other hates it.
Strange stuff, Organic-Cucumber------>
You guys are some of the most random stuff I've found here so far.
OH my this annoying wer-herd. Heh heh heh
Tardom has inadvertently introduced you 2 (Leech and Saint)
to me and your unique mentality! Ha!
All 3 of you have managed to make me hungry though,
you wierd little monkeys, you!
*wanders off to make a bowl of Kashi Cinnamon cereal and vanilla soymilk*

.....Take care, be good and keep making those pie sandwiches,
*screams..."the eddin".period

Organic-Cucumber responds:

I'm glad you liked it, infact we all are (I speak for the group, no questions asked). And just to note, its the edn not eddin, because saint misstyped end.
Have a nice day now!


If Tardom will allow it, I wish to say thankyou for listening. I love how immature people can create things with no questions asked. It's a beautiful thing, like wet cardboard.



I'm really sorry but this is bad. I'd rather listen to something on the radio even lol. And i dont like the radio.

The voices where out of time/tune/stupid panning. It would sound better if the voices where sung nicely and then you had the music (which is also bad lol) Also u made lota mistakes with the piano.

Meh, it was bad o well, i suppose it wasnt serious. I know it was improv but me and my friends can do alot better then this, so should you.

o well, hope ure not offended lolz, peaceout

Organic-Cucumber responds:

Im sorry for the dissapointment, I don't think you really understand that this was recorded live from skype, added to the fact we can't sing and leech was just tapping the same thing on his keyboard over and over again. No offence taken, atleast we have somthing to go by to improve appon, thanks for reviewing.

:D Tardom

Thankyou for a serious review, they lighten my spirit. I assure you that there were no mistakes with the piano as it was not premeditated. If you mean to say they did not conform to a scale, or dare I say, they sounded shit, I agree with you entirely. And yes, the voices were terrible, that's why it's so funny. I hope that you direct me to some of you and your friend's improv recordings.



Nice work man, sounds good, even if the lyrics make very little sense. I love the odd cadence in the lyrics - makes it sound even stranger than it would have normally.

Organic-Cucumber responds:

Well, we at organic cucumber are very fond of musical theory, we plan out every cadence and chord progression, prior to recording, we also don't care for music theory, which is what has happened here, and just by chance you have managed to pick out a feature of our song that truely wasn't planned atall. Unless you treat my generic singing patterns, planned. Thanks for the review!

:D Tardom

You can't spell strange without Garnets, rare stones that are deep red and used in traditional crowning ceremonies of the Blood Princes in Bolivia... Thanks for listening!



Makes no f****** sence but still entertaining ^^

Organic-Cucumber responds:

In a world that makes no sense, only a madman is truly sane.

But yeah this is ducking futs. Beautiful isn't it?


Credits & Info

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Jul 19, 2009
8:22 AM EDT
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3.7 MB
2 min 41 sec

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