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Another song in Reason, I'm not sure what genre this one is, feedback appreciated.


Real chill

On the contrary, i enjoyed the trancy techno part at the end... ALthough it just ended suddenly, should have made it fade out or something, because i was expecting it to keep going... But other than that its a great chill song. NICE WORK!(P.S. I'm slowly becoming a big fan of your work, I hope to hear more.)


not bad..

its very good..btw i wanna start making audio entrys but im a n00b So i have no freaking idea were to start what program do u suggest i use?


NightMare5 responds:

Thanks. For starters I used and suggest using FL Studio. Currently im using reason 3.0. FL is easy to get the hang of. www.flstudio.com is were you can find details and a demo. Good luck =D


By far my favorite entry in the audio portal. This is just a badass song. Keep this up.

NightMare5 responds:

Wow thanks alot man!I really appreciate it, critism is always enjoyed, good or bad.

I used it in my game- SALAD DANCE

I used this in my game salad dance as a intro song. Its good

NightMare5 responds:

Suree....thanks for the reveiw. : D


This was a great track, I found myself listening to it for a while. This sounds like frontpage material! I think it should be a loop on the audio portal page, it just sounds like it belongs there. The part about 5 measures in sounds like a good loop.. at least I think it's about 5 measures. Anyways, to sum it up, great audio track, Im suprised its not a gold track! The only problem is that it should have dropped into the part with the techno bit at the end much sooner, and should have had more depth. Other than that, great track, I like your work!

NightMare5 responds:

Thanks for the review, yeah it would be pretty cool to be on the audio portal front page but ParagonX9 has that place nicely filled out. =) As for your advice, yeah the last part was a bit out of no where and I agree I should have pieced it in better. Thanks alot for the review!

Btw, I think you might have ment 4 measures, i usually go with 4/4 time and 4 measure parts. =D

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Jun 2, 2005
1:18 PM EDT
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