Bad Man Incorporated IRL

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Bad Man Incs first ever blog!

This is a voice acting sketch done by me and my friend rednikaiaG, with a surprise cameo by Bad Man Incorporated!


Bad Man Incorporated - Me
Bad Man's mother - rednikaiaG

End Credits:
Billy-Bean - Me
Bad-Man-Incorporated - Bad-Man-Incorporated

If you liked this sketch, please visit the following websites for updates!

www.Billy-Bean.Newgrounds .com
www.rednikaiaG.Newgrounds .com

If you like Bad Mans music and wanna hear more please visit:

newgrounds.com OR
newgrounds.com/ audio/

I have full permission from the creator, Bad Man Incorporated, to use the music in this sketch!


Bad Man gets OWNed by his MOM, WTF?!?!?!

Well Hidely-Ho there Meestah Bean------>
Oh man, you're so silly! Hey, and Bad-Man's MOM sounds awesome! *winks sarcastically at you* Naw, but really this was a trip to listen to. My favorite part is when you and Bad-Man are talking about it at the end. "What the hell, Billy Bean, that not my f*ckin' voice!" Fuh-huh-HUH-nee!
Yes, Bad-Man, there ARE girls on Newgrounds. *points to YOUR review below*
As for your accent detection. . . Hmmm, IDK, Billy just told me to send him 5 or 6 Mama's voices. So, I'll leave it at that and excercise my 5th Amendment right. *hears the crickets chirp through the silence* I'm still waitin' on those verses, Sir Bad-Man. Oh, and Billy, I got those clips ready. Check MSN dude! Thank you BOTH for letting me in and being so kind to a Newgrounds noob-E. I hope to work with you again soon. Until then. . .

..............Take care, be good and *shakes my left finger in your face*
"Listen to your Mother".period

P.S. Make me a Portal Buddy, Billeh! I mean, dayum! Heh heh heh

BillyBean-VA responds:

-cuddles his lover- Your reviews make me feel all warm and tingly inside. I fucking love workin' with ya, bad man to. ;p

I should make MOAR

Nice one, dude.
And WTF!? There are girlz on here?
Excellent voicing, Billy. Same with the rednikaiaG (did I detect a bit of southern accent there?) Wee.

Anyways dude...I'mma link your Youtube one on mah page, if thats coo with you!\

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BillyBean-VA responds:

it's about time I've had the chance to have YOU review one of MY audio submissions, haha! Yeah, rednikaiaG is a pretty cool chick, great voice, and it'd be fucking sweet if you linked the Tube to your page man! We definitely need to make sequels ;D

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Jul 13, 2009
9:21 PM EDT
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