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Sunshine - dj.s

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I decided to show NG my first song that will be in the album, all other other songs will be held back until I release my album. This song is very different form what I usually make, more trance-ish and classical. I am still learning how to become a good producer but hell this is what I got so far. I am not sure when I will release my album due to my laziness :P, but hopefully I wont keep you gals/guys waiting for long. The reason for naming it sunshine is because I woke up one day and listened to the song while looking at the morning sun and I said to me self, dam I feel good hah :D.

So for now, I present you Sunshine. For any questions about the album or anything just ask me.

Hope you like it and enjoy!!!



Very good my friend... definitely more trancish

Very good song. I like all of the mixing and the piano is great! Did you record someone playing... or is it all computerized? Overall very good.

KrisSumara responds:

Nope, its all done by a laptop and some programs, nothing else. I am saving up for DJ headphones and maybe a mid keyboard

I'll leave you a super nice review since you've...

...been really helpful to me on the forums ;)

I'll just say stuff as I listen:

- The kick could use a bit more of a punch...add a multiband compressor and adjust the high end's gain.
- Don't like the snare at all, something about it sounds really weak. It's almost like it's only half a sample or something :/ Maybe layer it with another one?
- Clap sounds a bit short, maybe lengthen it with some reverb? (Small room, about .3sec decay? I dunno, just an idea)
- The bass is sexy, but I think it's mixing with the kick a little. Cut out some of the subbass frequencies (with an equaliser) on both the kick and the bass to clean it up a little.
- Drums at 1:11 sounded a little weird (the actual pattern)
- The plucking sound that's been going on for a while....it sounds like Nexus? If it is, try turning the "spread" knob to the left about halfway, it'll spread the sound out wider. Right now it's too narrow IMO. (If it's not nexus, then just fuck around with its panning)
- For the piano, the bass notes seem a bit....harsh? Change their velocities to make them a bit softer.
- A sidechained pad following the bassline would sound nice and make this track "pump" more ;)
- The piano could use a little bit of delay, and some reverb to make it sound more full. Not too much though, otherwise it'll sound like shit.

Other than that, it's sounding really good! Musically and structurally it was great! :)

I kinda assumed you used FLStudio, I hope I'm right, otherwise some of what I saiid doesn't really work :P

KrisSumara responds:

Thanks for the helpful review! :)

I will probably remake this song now that I have more mastering programs and such.


man hope u dont mind but i call u mentor man, take adivce from you and this music is wat i aim to be making everytime i start up FL Woop
lol nice tune!

KrisSumara responds:

No problem :D, if you want I could teach you some stuff about music making, I'm not a pro or anything but I got a few tricks up my sleeves

Very nice

Enjoyed the back beat and the decent flow this song has.

bass fixed!

you fixed the bass! yay!

KrisSumara responds:

Yea I decided to fix it to something else :D. This one is more meaningful and it it flows nicely with the song, glad you like it :D

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Jul 13, 2009
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