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NS - Arctic Combustion

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I haven't submitted to or even been on newgrounds for ages. But there is a reason. Ever since the art portal came along, newgrounds has been going super duper super fucking slow for me. Nothing would load practically. It's much better now though, but still I can't listen to anything in the audio portal without downloading it. I don't know if can respond to peoples comments or not too. So I still won't be reviewing much and if I don't respond to your comment, you'll know why.

It's finally here. It's been a long time coming, but I finally can submit it. The music is by the godly Penguinbomb and the lyrics are by the godly bardofblasphemy :D. Vox are by me.
Here's Bard's version:
http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/183708
Here's the original song by Penguinbomb:
http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/169257
(^^Without the spaces^^)
I know it's not asd as bard's version, but meh, it was fun to record.

Here are the lyrics, written by TheBardOfBlasphemy:

Burn it all... blackened skies... drown the world... in the fire....

Freeing demons trapped beneath the Earth
Rampant wealth machines rape for all it's worth
Boiling guts torn from haunted ancient graves
Liquid death drowning us: the willing slaves!

drowning in the flood (x4.5)
Burn it all... blackened skies... drown the world... in the fire....
drowning in the flood (x5)

Burn it all... consume it all... we live to grow now... BURN IT! BURN IT!
Rape the Earth... for all it's worth... and feed the flood now... FEED IT! FEED IT!
Spread the word... to drown the world... the world must drown now... DROWN IT! DROWN IT!
End it all... destroy the world... the world must die now... RAPE IT! END IT!

Weak... lead meek... our leaders: just feeders... feed death machines!
World wide strain... this tension... don't mention... just play the game!

"As the so-called leaders of our bloated economies
are forced to realise their ideology of growth is unsustainable...
As they bicker and blame all but the most obvious culprits...
As groups dependent on the status-quo cast doubt
over irrefutable scientific evidence... I smile.

I dance in the ashes of this broken civilisation...
No more tears shall I weep for that which is already dead.

As steel rusts and rivers bleed...
As babies cry and vultures feed...
As the Earth: denied in its hour of need...
As Jesus reborn performs his awful deed:
He awakes the dead who turn rotting
eye sockets towards the Sun and weep...

For all I see fades...
For all I touch withers...
For all I hear dims...
While taste and smell is rot..."

Arctic combustion... drowning man for all his sins.
Life's deconstruction... watch Earth give birth to all your fears.

Burn it! -- drowning in the flood (x4.5)
Feed it! -- drowning in the flood (x4.5)
Drown it! -- drowning in the flood (x4.5)
Rape it! -- drowning in the flood (x4)

Drowning in the flood

Please give me some constructive criticism. I neeed to improve, and I can't unless i get feedback from you guys.

Also, please don't vote 0 if you haven't listened to it, don't like the genre or if it's a score you don't thinks it's worthy of. You can't control other peoples opinions. Don't vote 0 to lower it as much as you can. Just vote what you think the song deserves, or not at all.

Stay Metal \m/

.). (
/ /\ \

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not bad man. you're getting the hang of this. a couple of flaws in the timing, but then again, this is a difficult one. the talkish part didn't sound very natural, but otherwise i've got no complaints haha. good work!

netty-swobb responds:

Cheers man!

Very nice!

The lyrics are pretty good and well timed. It's not really my style, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate its creativity ^__^.

The guitar is played very well and the voice is awesome. I liked how you (slightly) changed the mood during the quoted part. Too bad the recordings SUCK. Seriously... it's a true shame.

Anyway, I'd be very stupid to vote anything lower than a 4 to this piece so...
4.5/5 => 5/5

Great job! Keep it up.

netty-swobb responds:

Thanks man. Can't take credit for the lyrics or the music. The lyrics are by 'TheBardOf Blasphemy' and the music is by 'PenguinBomb,' but the vox are mine.

Cheers for listening dude.

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Jul 12, 2009
8:00 AM EDT
Heavy Metal
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