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A spooky backdrop for an escape room game maybe? Or maybe not.



I actually think this would fit great into an escape-the-room type of game, albeit a creepy one. The first image I got in my head while listening was someone walking on a quiet road alongside a graveyard in the middle of the night, with a full moon in the sky. I envisioned a haunted house scenario as well. This is the kind of thing I'd like to hear in a horror game, in which something could jump out at you from around a corner at any second.

So yeah, this is pretty spooky. But it's also somewhat hollow. Some additional layers of sound could make this even creepier. As is, there isn't enough depth in the music to conjure up a great deal of emotion in me.

Furthermore, it sounds kind of unfinished. The intro is great, but after 0:19, the music just repeats until the end of the track. I was hoping to hear more and more sounds get thrown into the mix every few measures, perhaps building up to a truly bone-chilling climax.

Although it's a good listen as is, I'd love it if you were to expand on this little piece and make it live up to its full potential.

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nietzlawe responds:

Without doubt, this is escape-room type music. From a personal standpoint, I should take more time on the songs, I tend to make something catchy, and then just want to upload it to Newgrounds right away, maybe its over-excitement and probably why you see lots of unfinished songs like this on NG. It is also too quiet for my liking, I should really increase the volume levels.

I'm getting a laptop around Christmas time, and thus, will be able to take all these tracks that I have started and refine/polish them up good and proper. As a critic judging my own performance, I think its general laziness when it comes to the actual variation that let's me down, and the other criticism is that the songs need to have more filler, more depth like you suggested.

It is something that I am 'definitely' going to put right, I love making songs in FL, it is not as if I lack motivation, its just that I feel satisfied once I've quenched my thirst for making a catchy melody and beat, I really need to go more into the science of variation and structuring the composition as well as the mastering.

Thanks again for the generous review.

Revenge, a dish best served COLD

You walk back to your home, after getting fired & having the usual beating from your childhood bullies. Every step you take hatches a plan to get even with them. You thought of stabbing them, poisoning them, & even castrating them. But you knew too well it would bring suspicion. Slung on your back, the long, hard steel yearns for your cold touch on its trigger. You customized her thoroughly. They will never see it coming. The cops can never trace it back to you. They will all die tonight. No, not a headshot for them, you thought to yourself. First the legs, then the arms, maybe even the balls, you thought. Let them slowly bleed to their death. Let's watch them die, you thought. You always loved watching this. After all, you killed people for living once, didn't you?

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nietzlawe responds:

I prefer to serve my dishes hot and scolding. That was until I realised I'd made my own supper that night... The mouth blisters were excruciating.

Lol im a sociopath

And yeah this music is all i hear through my head on an average day (y)

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nietzlawe responds:

Don't worry, I'm convinced you are on the correct path now my son.

The Socio Path. Dum Dum Dum. Thanks for dropping by.


Love the spooky.

Perfect for a game.

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nietzlawe responds:

Sneaking around, something where you have to take your time and avoid things.


Possibly the music after a big battle. Now you're collecting ammo or something.

great work. I love things like this.

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nietzlawe responds:

Thanks very much.

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