The Golden Rival

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Ok, so, to celebrate HeartGold and SoulSilver, I decided to remix the VS Rival theme. Why? Because in my opinion, It's the best Rival theme in the whole series, just like everything else in Pokemon's Generation 2 (Anyone who disagrees that Gen 2 is the best Pokemon Generation has lost their chops).

Why 'The Golden Rival'? Because I always believed that Silver was the better game, and the Rival's default name was Gold.

So, Enjoy.



i like the guitar better then the real thing =D

not bad...

i like it actually. it's better than I can probably do, even though i'm not into really creating things except pivot animations which i barely have time for. I give it a 5 because... well i'm just a nice guy. keep up the good work!


The Rival's Name is Silver, not gold. Good try, though...

Squiggley-Inc responds:

The Rival's name is whatever the hell I want it to be, and since I was playing SILVER, I called him Gold. GTFO you foolish troll, your kind is not wanted here.


Good effort, but could be a lot better...

You really need to turn the volume down. I was using headphones and it really hurt my ears. It also gets a bit distorted (I think the word is "clippy"), especially around the 0:45 mark.

That instrument 0:40 is off key, and again when it returns at 0:53. The one at 0:45 is alright (but distorted).

Everything Holy Crap said is right. Either bring the guitar up an octave, or switch it for another instrument.

Now, the arrangement...
Most of the song sounds pretty empty/bland. There may be parts of the original missing, or it might just be that the song sounds more "full" with the old 8-bit sounds. Try adding some chords/harmonies if you can. Drums might also help.

It's very conservative (in other words, you haven't actually added anything to the song). If you're able to try adding melodies, harmonies, etc. If not then at least try playing around with what's there a little more.
Judging by the out-of-key synth, I'm guessing that this ISN'T a MIDI rip, so you get points for that. =)

NOTE: My score may seem a bit harsh compared to other reviews I've given (I can't remember if I've reviewed any of your songs before), BUT it's because I've changed my marking system. I'm now marking VG arrangements like this:

2/5 for arrangement (How the parts are put together, transitions, how original it is, how much it differs from the source, etc.)

2/5 for production, how enjoyable it is, choice of sounds etc.

And that's 4/10 overall, 2/5 on the vote.

(In short, from now on it'll be much harder for ANYONE to get a high mark from me)

Still, good effort Squiggley! Keep at it and you'll improve. And even if you don't plan to redo this song, keep this stuff in mind, as it may help with later mixes.

Feel free to ask me for a review if you ever want one on any of your songs. Send a Youtube vid of the source in case I've never heard it too.

Squiggley-Inc responds:

Thanks, It's about time someone actually gave me some constructive criticism. Whilst I beleive it was a bit harsh, I really appreciate it, and will take it into consideration for my next stuff (I'm making a few medleys based on movie series').

PS, this IS the first thing I've done which you've reviewed.


The guitar kinda contrasts too much with everything else, and it seems and a bit stop-start at some points. Other than that it's ok.

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