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Whales [Box-Killa]

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This tune remindes me of whales. Probably because the song is slow and whales are big fat and slow. This song has a pritty wierd intro.

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pretty soothing

i like it!

Whales you say, eh. . . .

Ok, so up until like, 0:27 it sounds like it's gonna be a slow and non moving piece, right? Then, afterwards, it takes on this strange ass, nostalgic sound. I can't quite place my finger on it, but it leaves me with a sense of missing some show, or movie, or something of the sort, from when I was a little kid. It's not even necessarily the effects (the whale sounds and such) that does it, either. I think it's just the overall melody that starts around 0:27 and afterwards (particularly 0:42 and so on).
You know, this would be fitting for a lot of toons. I mean, those broken parts would be, at least. This is an interesting piece you got going on here, BK. There's always something intriguing about a musician that doesn't even have a specific sound about them. You know, the fact that you can break out and perform DIFFERENT genres of sounds (and otherwise, seeing as how I couldn't even begin to think of a category to put this in. Sometimes, it's like ambient, is just used as a dumping ground for seemingly talented things, deserving their OWN categories.). So yeah, good job on a wierd ass song. Heh heh heh It's different, it does have a feel to it and it's not just random chaotic, bullshit. At 2:32 and so on, my speakers DID rattle a bit. That COULD just be my speakers though. Just giving you a heads up, Man. That's all. :)
Until you next release a little something for us all to chew on. . .

...............Take care, be good and eat dolphin safe tuna.period

Box-Killa responds:

Yeah I know what you mean about the genre thing, but I don't really care about genre. I suppose ambient is closer to the top then misc, so its easier to click, lol. Man I laugh at my own jokes quite a bit.

Anyway... I think it is the slowness and the "Distance" of the leading synths that give it the whale sound, but I that's just me. Yeah and I chucked quite a bit of FREAKN WIERDO SYNTHS in there lol. It makes me happy, because people on newgrounds use nexus and other mainstream kinda synths so much, so its good to use something wierd and wonderful to make funny sounds :D Yeah.

I was going to say it is just your speakers that shake, but my headphones shake a bit too. Ehh who cares

Well thanks for um... displaying your super duper writing skills :D

and personally, I like a bit of a dolphin "tang" to my tuna.... lol


Box - Killa



It was a wierd tune, to be sure. Very ambientish and airy fairy if u get my drift. Of course the bass taht comes in definetely makes it better as do the drums, although these weren't particularly varied and got ur score down a bit,

Well, i seem to get a picture of seagulls flying over a moonlight sea not whales when i hear this, but that's just a matter of opinion.

OVerall, its a well thought out piece. keep up the good work!

=Review Request Club=

Box-Killa responds:

lol a 7! what is this! I guess it's just not your thing lol :D Thanks for the review! It varies plenty in my opinion! Its not a drum and bass song!

An interesting tune

Perhaps the sounds of the bass track were a little low for that of Whales. I'm not entirely convinced by the way the track went together.

I think that you've got a good melody sound and when the short, sharp notes are added to it, you get a good sound. The bass is a little overpowering and when it gets to the situation that there's a little too much bass there, so it tends to top out with static, it's a shame.

With whale sounds, they tend to be quite long and graceful notes - the ones that you've used seem to be short and punctuated, but it doesn't really detract from the tranquility of the piece, the bass does that :P

[Review Request Club]

Box-Killa responds:

fanks coopy :D

whales indeed...

whales do come to mind

lol you should really stick to a nick name, are you flux or box killa?

the intro synth, i think there could be a little bit of attack on that one

i freaking hate that bass, to me it just doesnt fit in the slightest, mabye if it trailed off for longer it would some better, but this bass stabs into the ambient quite a bit

pretty good use of accidentals, but i think it could be better

oh i see that you made this a while back, then i should have given you a bit of slack

peace out dude, preatty good job, number one thing i think it could use is some complexity, but you know kind of ambient i listen to xD

Box-Killa responds:

noooooooooo no complexity! its a simple song for simple whale's doing simple things!! lol :DI dont want this to be better lol, i like it the way it is, I am going to be an ass about this song and take no advice lol :D So yeah, i disagree with everything in all these reviews lol

yeah its box-killa, flux is old, just havent changed it yet, this is an old song too :D

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Jul 8, 2009
12:15 AM EDT
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