The Lonley Man's Opening Theme

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The intro to an RPG.
So here is a grown man with his wonderful family. He has a beloved wife, two kids, and he could never be happier. Its too bad some douche bag of a villain is coming to dick his shit up. Kills his family, burns his house, kidnaps his kids, eats his steak, breaks his fax machine, and why the hell not, takes a dump on his lawn.
This man has now lost everything he's ever had. But its just the first half-hour of the RPG's playthough. Shit just got real in the intro to the game.
The title hasn't even appeared on the screen yet- oh wait. . . this song is playing. . . . aaaannnd THERES the title to the game appearing on the screen.

That's what this song is for.

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Woah, impressive

I didn't know what I was getting myself into, but it was something great! I know a lot of people were expecting things like remixes of the "Over 9000!" and other stuff you made, but this is great. It's interesting that you're able to make some serious, sophisticated stuff. That may very well what you shall be known for on this website. I really can recognize the music from Final Fantasy 6. It's very nice and suiting for a beginning of an RPG, which I hope you make one day.

Cool Beans

Yeah, the abruptness is noteworthy; still, if you do something like, say, have the camera panning at the end of the shot, and then pan up to the title screen. Then the title screen can just be silent the first time you reach it, and maybe have a different song from then on? You could probably speed this up into a major boss battle theme too.

When you make the RPG (Which you HAVE to).....

I suggest something similar to what VNStudios said.It needs a better ending,or it'll dick the shit outta the intro.Well actually,if it ended with the hero standing on some cliff looking at a city or tower then the ending would be okay,so it's your choice.
This is a song full of awesomesauce.

Really Good

The song was very enjoyable and the tune sounded great. I did feel the song was way too short and even though it was just an opening scene, the song needed some sense of completion. The ending was too abrupt, so I suggest making it loopable or end it slowly if you don't want to lengthen it. Other than that it's a great song.

Kajet responds:

Duly noted. Thank you.

Yo man, you trippin? cause that tune is wicked

Ya must have been trippin when you were written your comment man. Takin a dump on his lawn, breakin his fax.. man that's some hillarious words to be written. Like the song, it sounds pretty awesome. It'd be awesome if you could extend it into a full song rather than an intro. This song also brings back some fond memories of an older gaming life. Awesome all the way

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Jul 6, 2009
12:24 PM EDT
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