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AD - Montressor (Loop)

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So here I am again... I got about 30 Tracks in production for now and I can't get anything done, no matter how hard I try I always get lost in other things I do by the way (meh)

Usually it starts like this:
- Oh great sound, let me sample :D
- So sampling is done, let's play around with it (plays around with it)
- Hm, thats got some potential, lets add some basic drums
- Sounds good, how about making it better? (adds EQ and some Effects)
- Wow this is fucking kewl, I'll make a ful track of this for sure (yeah!)

And mostly I end up with a simple 16 bar loop and the plan to continue the track later (I'll finish dat tomorrow) but I never do (so no finishing tomorrow) and later a few days it all starts again.

So here have a loop of my latest started Track. Its HipHop (mostly) and I'm really proud of the outcome after just 1h of work (wich was mostly spent on programming the bassline). Its very basic and nothing supercomplex or easy to drop some vocals on it. I was looking for a new harddrive to backup my files and I was randomly looping this Track on FL and it's got such a nice loop and flow I wanted to upload it.

If you like it... well this will be the next Song I am pushing to its final :D And If you don't like it... well then I guess I must live with that and cut a compilation together of every started Track I have in production righ nao to make you happy >:( Then you can just pick one out, yeah thats it!

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Nice beat, man. Works very well as a loop.
I've been into making little hip-hopish beats lately

the melody is very pleasant. : )

AeraDynamic responds:

:333 thankyou

Cool !!!

But way to modern.... a lilttle like FUTURE HIP HOP maybe ?? Maybe that's the Future-Opinion of Music ?? hmm.. actualy interestin' ..

That ( nice ) Tune makes me thinking now :D


AeraDynamic responds:

hiphop can go many ways my friend ;) thats y there are such things as oldschool and newschool...

pretty cool

atmospheric, and gritty

I'd make the drums more consistent without as much starting and stopping, and mabye cut the scratch synth

but i like it

btw- is it named after the cask of amontadillo

AeraDynamic responds:

eeehm... the drums are alright imo, they are meant to be minimalistic ;) and if I cut the synth ther is nothing left then the beat cause the bells are just background and not strong enough to match up with the drums. also the synth is the main part of the track, you will see when I release the final song and NOOO this is not named after the cask of amontadillo (whoever this is lol)

Love the music :D

I can defenitly see this used in a movie scenario, like sorrow? Cool anyway :3

AeraDynamic responds:

I dun see this is a movie, sorry :( its too special and wont fit in a movie as background music or fighting music or shooting music or racing music or chillout music or secks music or opening music or credits music... its just meant to be looped till your ears bleed :DDD

I like it

The bell sounding melody sounds great and the simple drums go well with the mood.
The crunchy electric sound is nice too but you should cut it out at some parts.
Overall, pretty good man. Definatley finish it

5/5 - 3.99 / 5.00 (+ 0.14)

AeraDynamic responds:

ill see what I do with it in the final track, I got this synth twice with a different sound and I dont think I will arrange this beat for vocals, just like I want it to be ;)

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3.75 / 5.00

Jul 5, 2009
2:03 PM EDT
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