Zeviron - Crimson Sunset II

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Well, This is A kind of a do-over of a song that i made and posted earlier on in the year.

Most of the reviews i recieved regarding the song said that it sounded like trance... urrm, so i've completely done the song over again, This is really only a demo version of the song so it's not going to be extremely good.

But anyway, I could really use a few pointers and tips on how to improve on this song, so feel free to do so.

Also the song does take quite a while to get into the swing of things, but I feel as though it's well worth a listen.

Thanks for listening, and reading as always.


Liked It

I remember when I first heard this song (before I was a NG Member), I downloaded it straight away, 'cause it sounded so good, and that I wanted to listen to it badly.

Keep up the good work!

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I'm not a big fan

Sorry... I just don't think this is trance. The beginning starts out as trance, but once you get to 1:50 it turns into noise.

I think your beginning is great... I think if you improved on the beginning so the notes are not so choppy from one to another, you have an excellent sound.

I was typing as it was playing, and at 1:50... there is just too much snare drum, and the melody is very sing songy. There is also not much variation in your melodic theme until the close at 5:36... it sounds like there is not much else to it.

My opinion is that if you take your theme in the beginning, which is very good, and build on that to your melody, you will have a good track. But honestly I would reconsider almost the entire song from 1:50 until the end.

I hope I don't like sound an a-hole to you... I just listen to a lot of trance and want to help.



Not much more to say, amazing 0.0

Pss...don't tell anyone but this got me dancing lol keep up the good work *both thumbs up*

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Zeviron responds:

WOW, Thanks for the response.
I'm glad that people are actually liking my stuff XD

I'll be sure not to

Thanks for the review :)

I Remember your first use of this

And this on is just as good if not better. I'm surprised how you only used the original composition for a few moments and then it went right into this new creation of yours. Very well done \m/

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Zeviron responds:

Thanks for the rememberance of my first submission XD
I knid of wanted to give it the same feeling, but just give it the same, if not moree of a "WOW" factor, so changing some of the melody was inevitable...also the first one was quite repetative, so that's another reason for the change mostly.

And thanks alot for the support, and the review =)


Don't ask me why, but I suddenly felt like a kid in the early 90's because of the way this sounded. I enjoy feeling nostalgia too so thanks. :) Nice chord progression. I'm not experienced with trance or techno so I don't think I'm qualified to give any pointers here. Except that I think it sounds great already. :P

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Zeviron responds:

That's a pretty strange, but all together great reaction, thanks :D
I don't know how I managed to do that but I'm glad that i have aha

This is a preogression that i came up with earlier on this year, when I first started to produce my own music, and I absolutely love it.

Thanks again for the review. It's a keeper ;)

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