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Author Comments

This is a new one I wrote, inspired by two older songs I wrote that can be heard on my URL - Pain & Cope.
This song is about the process of Enduring with that Pain and trying to Cope with the emotional strains of heartache. I've spent a very long time on this one and was very careful not to rush progress on this one for almost a year. I am very happy to say that it is finally finished as of today. I hope you all enjoy it.

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this is my favorite of all of your pieces so far, dude amazing. like i said be for you are an awesome composer. this is an example of what i was saying a long while ago. you just needed a system that could express your talent. Dude freckin moving peice. bravo!!


Haven't written a review in a while now... Hope I still remember how it's done. ;D

So, from the top: the intro with the clean guitar felt really good, even though the progression seemed awfully familiar to me. The sound of the guitar was pretty nice, and had just the right amount of reverb. Then came the short synths (premiering at 0:32). They sounded a tad too slow for me, which could possibly be helped with reducing the Attack of the soundfont you used, but what I would really suggest is layering some pizzicato strings above it, perhaps with just a pinch of delay, just to accentuate them a bit more. Then again- that's just me. If I could, I'd throw in pizzicato strings into grindcore, so yeah...

The deeper section of the same strings sounded well because the melody was more connected (without the breaks), so the slow attack wasn't that noticeable. As for the piano coming in at 1:29, I truly recommend you either plaster that bugger with some massive reverb, or even better: give it a slow delay, just to reduce the cut-out feel.

The section following this one sounded well because the bass helped round all of the instruments in a nice, wholesome section. I must admit that the sound of the guitar was slightly less-then-satisfying, but soundfonts are always a bitch. Sad fact, but it can't be changed. However, the same lack of attack (I'm rhyming, yay!) that I mentioned for the short strings can be applied to the guitar in section starting at 1:51. The pauses and the sound that the guitar makes when it comes in just don't sound natural. Possibly layering the section with another guitar might help.

The cymbal at 2:11 sounded waaaay to artificial, so I'd say take a minute or two and toy with the volume and panning for each of the individual crash hits, jsut to soften that computerized feel. Also, I'd personally go with less crash hits in that section: if it's all 8th notes, cut it down to half the number of 4th notes.

The section at 2:32 was really a thing of beauty. The instruments just blended in so nicely, it was really darn awesome. Still, the sound of the quicker guitar notes could be improved, once again, with some layering. The rest, with all the strings, almost brought a tear to my eye. Really, really touching.

Then the sudden ambient sounds/noises came in, and I have to say that they really surprised me. Didn't see those coming at all, and they made a very nice addition to the song. The whole section was excellent, except for a single dissonant synth string at 4:21. That one really pinched my ears. :P

I hope you find these observations at least a tad helpful. This song has some serious potential, but it needs to be chiseled into shape for a little longer before it can maximize it. Keeping my fingers crossed for your success on that. ;)

metallikid6 responds:

Wow. Thanks Hades for the great lengthy review!! These are a lot of great tips and tricks to the trade. I'll definitely go back and tool with the volume of those crashes. In the future, I'm gonna have to experiment with multiple guitar tracks in unison, because I just hate that artificial sound I keep getting. (I'm just gonna have to learn guitar for realz and plug in). ['cause that can be learned so easily, right???] Anyway... I know exactly what you mean about those pizzicato strings in the beginning. That would be a nice touch. If I can ever find a sound sample for that, I might do that one day.
I'm so glad you liked what you heard, minus the picky intricacies. I wrote this one pretty close to home, if ya know what I mean, and I spent almost forever on it, trying to get those levels to sound right with the panning and instrumentation and everything. You're right, it's not perfect and could use just a little more tinkering, but thank you so much for the imput on it's potential. Coming from you, I take that as a high compliment, my liege =P


Really well done, although I think the cymbals and hihats are way too loud, other than that you've done really well with this track!

Keep it up!

P.s. If you have the time, come check out my new song. I could always use a review! :) 5/5'd

metallikid6 responds:

No doubt. Again with the Hi Hats being too loud. I guess being a drummer first, I don't notice it, lol.

Nice job!


Plays very smoothly, I like it.
Good melodies that don't get repetitve.
Every instrument comes in at the right time.

Bad: (only bad thing really)

The Hi-Hat at 2:12 is a little loud, kinda drains the volume out of the other instruments.

Good work.

metallikid6 responds:

Thank you very much for the EQ note. Perhaps that can be fixed.

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4.41 / 5.00

Jul 3, 2009
8:34 PM EDT
Classic Rock
File Info
7.5 MB
5 min 30 sec

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