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African_Jazz [Box-Killa]

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I didn't have internet for 2 weeks so i decided to make a massive song on fruity loops. I had extreeeem writers block and couldn't do anything. So then i made a weird drum beat from wierd deep in the closet of sound files i never use. then i just added some stuff. Its nothing special. Actually it is special, just not the good kind.

If you hear fuzzing then i dont care lol.

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Great song, nice beat

Well, not exactly jazz, but a cool song nevertheless. The beat is pretty cool, even though it is a tad bit overpowered.

I like the mix of genres you have in here. A weird "jungle beat" together with a pretty nice saxophone and the drums that are not "jungle beat" remind me of some early 80s rock, lol.
Ok, overall I guess the title "african jazz" is very fitting. ^^

However, there are some static noises due to overpowered instruments, which is a real pity. It keeps me from giving the song a higher score. :(

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Not jazz...

But still, it's a pretty good tune. You've got too much pace and bass for what I'd call a jazz style tune. I think that there's definite potential there, especially when you consider the awesomeness of the saxophone solo that you've put in there.

I think that there is room for other improvement - perhaps borrow from similar genres to jazz, like reggae, since you can take some slower, equally powerful riffs and put them in ahead of the faster ones, which I feel detracts from the jazz itself.

More practice will get you there, so don't give up.

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Box-Killa responds:

yeah i made this song about a year ago so I have improved lol

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Nice percussion at the start; there's a wide variety of instruments and they all contribute in their own way to a kind of lighter, more characteristic drum beat, and the kind you'd often find in jazz. And because there were so many different percussions involved, it meant the beat never felt repetitive. And for ONCE, there's an audio submission on NG that has a cymbal sound that doesn't smash through all the other instruments. Quite the opposite; it's really subtle and sparsely used, just adding that extra touch of colour as and when it's needed.

The sax is cool, although at some points in the solo sections it almost felt like random notes were being thrown in their own sake rather than that of the melody. Though mostly it created a pretty nice groove of a tune, and there were some nice harmonies and chord changes midway through between it and some of the other synths. The semi-scalic bass helps a lot in keeping the general feel of the chords a little less repetitive than it could have been, although by the end it was starting to drag regardless.

The drum sounds at 3:27 felt a little too artificial, and in general the 3rd minute felt too much like a recapitulation of the 2nd...however. That being said, all in all it was a nice listen. Yes, there was some fuzz, but nothing major and nothing of any serious detriment to the piece. You've got a nice melody, you've got a unique beat, you've got a cool sax. What more is there to ask of a jazz piece?

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Review Request Club

I thought this was a really good piece and it reminded me of some jungle theme in the whole thing but then changed when the saxophone came in near the middle of it but I thought the drums and sounds were really cool and it never got repetitive because of the different beats that were included and I thought if this wasn't made in any kind of music creation program, I would give the Saxophone player a reward.

I think the beginning came too fast and maybe you should change it a little to have some cool slow start on it. But the ending was quite good like when the instruments toned down and finished when the last part remained there until the end. On another side note the instruments were very good too in their parts but it was cool that you did this in only 2 weeks instead of going on NG which isn't your fault by the way.

It is pretty cool how you just recycled some old sounds of the jungle and put them into a good song but it is kinda weird thinking about Jazz in the forest and overall, I enjoyed this and put it into my favorites. just work on the flaws I talked about and do more work like this!

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It sounds kind of too animalistic for me, the things remember me of s great jungle with alot of animals dancing (OMG, dancing animals!!)
The Jazz music is very cool, i really like the style, it has a groovy beat, the sax is awesome, the solo is great, it sounds good, like a real Jazz, but kind of a Jungle Jazz...

I liked the music, but i think it was kind of too repetitive, because there are sounds that keep on playing, it seems a giant loop...

I know you can make more creative songs, like this one, keep on precticing and you'll reach perfection... I wannahear more from you man!!!

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4.70 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2009
2:45 PM EDT
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