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Shiny Things (Ambient)

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Author Comments

Whoa, found this on an old CD I burned. It's an old ambient remix of an even older IDM song I made. This mix is probably from late 2005 or early 2006.

Probably the first time I'd ever made a counterpoint melody in a track. First time I'd used circular panning well... It's one of the oldest tracks of mine that I have any decent amount of pride in. It's dynamic, it's uplifting and it's got an ethereal quality which I really dig. Unfortunately, I had to convert it from one mp3 bitrate to another to get the file size under 8MB :(

I wish I had more half-decent music from that time :(


That is the only work I have ever heard of you, if you didnt say that it is 6 years old I would not have belived it. Good work!

A great song!

If you're really irked by having to drop bitrates you could post this song on another free hosting site without an 8Mb limit and put a link to it on here for quality-philes.
But It sounds great anyways!

super super chill bro

I'm liking this a lot
i could probaby listen tot his all day

If this is some of your oldest stuff, then wow!

This is a pretty awesome piece. It's quite lengthy, but that's not a prob; just more time to expand on your stuff eh? lol. when I think of this song, it's like a cross between music from donkey kong country and turok- at least, the original turok (i dunno if you ever played turok on the gameboy, but it sounded similar to that bit-grinding that you had goin on). I also like the pseudo-percussion that goes on during the whole course of the song. ultimately, this is a really chill song, one with a lot of layers; if i was making a flash game, or even possibly a movie, this song would be prime fodder lol. really excellent job; i wish i could have half as much pride in my oldest stuff. most of mine was riddled with FL Studio garbage, such that it didn't sound unique. i would still say my stuff sounds generic, and i wish to god i could make something as atmospheric as this.

midimachine responds:

Hey thanks man :)

If it's any consolation, by late 2005 I'd been using FL and making music for the best part of 3 years already. So while this is old, it's not my very oldest stuff. I would never harm NG with that junk ;)

Also, I was listening to my stuff that was even older than this (~2004) last night and I enjoyed solely for the fact that I could see how far I'd developed in my skills right across the board.

Anyway, thanks for the review and kind words :)
Keep rockin' on!

its been too long man

its been too long man. i havent been on your page in quite a while, and I came back at the right time. This is a fantastic piece. Good choice of words in the description, uplifting and etheral is spot on with what I would have included in this writeup, had I not seen the description.

I really like the lush, warm pads incoporated in here. Great job with the volume envelopes, and they have a beautiful progression that flows through the piece quite nicely I must say. The melodies are wonderful too, good job with counterpoint- movement is quite complex to compliment the intracies of percussive lines and sound FX that are integral to the IDM genre. Must say the development in this piece was superb, really like your choice of synths and the bitcrushed percussion, and how the piece gradually builds itself up in the beginning with the melodic themes, and then furthermore with the ostinato drum part.

Few personal crits:

-IMO, less bitcrushing in here. I'd favor something more sine wavey and smooth for the lead melodies, or gradually remove the effect. I think a more chorusy sound in the leads at one point would work great with the pads.

-the "click" at 00:55ish IMO should reverberate throughout the track.

-i'd subtlely incorporate more glitchy patterns like tapestopping and retriggering in the drum patterns every 16 bars or so ;)

anyways, really good job with this man. Liked the sounds, and the composition with the melodies was swell as well. Download + Fave.

Also, finally played Ratchet Clank: Gladiator/Deadlocked that we talked about before in the past. I must say, I was disappointed by the game. Not enough gadget usage from what I remember from the first game, levels and missions didn't have enough variety, and the platformer aspects were practically stripped :'( It did have a sweet OST though ;)

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midimachine responds:

Whoaaaaaaaa long review but thanks heaps! I'm glad that this track has aged so well :)

I don't think I'll ever be able to touch up this piece again, it's sitting on an old hard drive that refuses to load. I could get the data from it for a hefty fee but from memory a lot of what's on it is turd. Then again, memories are always good... I dunno...

Oh yeah, all those games have bitchin' OSTs. The best game in the series is still R&C 3 though ;)

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4.28 / 5.00

Jul 1, 2009
10:13 PM EDT
File Info
7.4 MB
6 min 26 sec

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